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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Walleye Fishing: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 34 ITEMS)

Fall Walleyes From Smaller Rivers
Fall Walleyes From Smaller Rivers (howto)
Fall is prime time for walleye. Next trip, skip the large rivers and try smaller rivers, where the fish relate to their natural habitat.

Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound
Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound (howto)
An affordable touch screen quality with fisherman friendly features.

Being a Good Boat Partner
Being a Good Boat Partner (howto)
Here are a few reminders the next time you go out on your fishing buddy's boat to fish. Follow these simple rules of fishing etiquette and it's likely you'll be asked back.

Fishing and the Color Game
Fishing and the Color Game (howto)
When it comes down it, lure color is important — here are some tips on choosing the right color for the right situation.

Using Lipless Crankbaits
Using Lipless Crankbaits (howto)
Lipless crankbaits have been hauling in fish for decades and for good reason. Here are some tips on how to use these vibrators next time out on the water.

Boat Launch Etiquette
Boat Launch Etiquette (howto)
Help make the boat launch experience another part of a great day on the water with these tips.

Basics of the Quick Strike Rig
Basics of the Quick Strike Rig (howto)
When using live bait creates a number of swallowed hooks, try the quick strike method to increase odds of catch and release.

Science of Sound — How Fish Hear
Science of Sound — How Fish Hear (howto)
Uncovering the secrets to sound can help put more fish in the boat.

River Walleyes in Transition
River Walleyes in Transition (howto)
Walleyes constantly shift locations each season. These tips will help you track down 'eyes during the spring, summer and fall months.

River Guide Secrets to Early Season Walleyes
River Guide Secrets to Early Season Walleyes (howto)
Departing from widely accepted methods, river guides share their tips of versatility to snagging early season walleyes.

Sauger Slam
Sauger Slam (howto)
Looking for a bonus catch when targeting walleyes? Here are some tips and tricks to snatching up saugers on your next fishing trip.

Tubin' River Walleyes
Tubin' River Walleyes (howto)
Tube baits are perfect to catching river walleyes during the cold winter months.

Lessons from the South
Lessons from the South (howto)
When the Professional Walleye Trail headed south a dozen years ago, it's likely a few eyebrows were raised on logo-capped heads.

Soft Stickbaits for Summer River Walleyes
Soft Stickbaits for Summer River Walleyes (howto)
Soft stickbaits are very effective on river walleye throughout summer, into fall, until water temperatures drop below the mid 50s. Learn how to fishing these 'eye catchers in the following article.

Drop Shot Walleyes
Drop Shot Walleyes (howto)
From natural lakes and reservoirs that feature a combination of rocks and weeds, to large river systems replete with both natural and man-made structure, drop-shot rigs catch walleyes. Learn all about drop shotting for ol' marble eyes in this article.

Afoot in the Flow for Summer River Walleyes
Afoot in the Flow for Summer River Walleyes (howto)
Take advantage of lightly pressured flowing water walleye -- all available on foot!

Southern Walleye
Southern Walleye (howto)
The traditional line for walleye fishing has slipped southward. If you're passionate about hooking a record book walleye or just filling the skillet with fine filets, start fishing the most likely spot -- down South.

River Walleye Tackle and Tactics
River Walleye Tackle and Tactics (howto)
No matter what conditions you encounter, a tackle box stocked with an assortment of the following baits should have you covered for river walleye success.

When Walleye Won't Bite
When Walleye Won't Bite (howto)
Walleye fishing is a tough game to play, but intelligent, resourceful anglers will almost always figure out how to put the puzzle together. Learn how to adjust your tactics to prevailing conditions.

Freestyle Jigging
Freestyle Jigging (howto)
Improve your spoon-fishing game with the freestyle jigging system.

Cover Fishing 101
Cover Fishing 101 (howto)
Improve your angling know-how by learning to identify and fish different types of cover.

Night Fishing Primer
Night Fishing Primer (howto)
For a safe, fun and eventful experience, learn the night fishing basics before heading out on the water after dark.

Canoe and Kayak Trolling Tactics
Canoe and Kayak Trolling Tactics (howto)
Canoes and kayaks provide a silent, stealthy method for fishing smaller waters. Moreover, the surge-and-drift movement of these crafts across the water's surface imparts a deadly action on the baits being trolled.

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a Fishing Log (howto)
Finding the pattern is crucial to consistent success, and the best way to expose patterns is by learning to keep and use a fishing log. Here's how.

Walleye Require Boat Control
Walleye Require Boat Control (howto)
Keep a close eye on your boat control this season. The fish may not thank you, but the landing net certainly will.

Slip-Bobbering Walleye
Slip-Bobbering Walleye (howto)
Drifting bait to eager walleye is an excellent technique, yet greatly under utilized. Next time you hit your favorite shoal or hump, come toting floats, live bait and the following float-fishing tactics to increase your catch.

Seasonal Sauger Strategies
Seasonal Sauger Strategies (howto)
As your area fisheries cool down, try this three-phase approach to extend your sauger season.

Glowing Jigs
Glowing Jigs (howto)
Adding specialty tackle such as glowing jigs to your arsenal can give you the upper hand with finicky fish.

Planning a Fishing Trip
Planning a Fishing Trip (howto)
Planning a fishing trip isn't much different than any other vacation or multi-day outing.

Using The Three-Way Rig
Using The Three-Way Rig (howto)
The way a three-way rig can be fished is only limited by your imagination and innovation as an angler.

Fishing the Wind
Fishing the Wind (howto)
Fishing calm water may be more comfortable, but nothing turns on the bite like the wind.

Overcoming Cold Front Conditions
Overcoming Cold Front Conditions (howto)
Try these techniques the next time you have the "cold front blues," and watch your catch rate increase dramatically.

The Price of Quality
The Price of Quality (howto)
Can your choice of reel and rod really make a difference in your casting ability?

The Tempting Taste of Fish
The Tempting Taste of Fish (howto)
Grab an apron -- Fish Cooking 101 is about to begin.

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