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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Saltwater Fishing: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 82 ITEMS)

Casting Soft Plastics off Florida Coast
Casting Soft Plastics off Florida Coast (howto)
Captain Steven Tejera shares his tactics for casting soft plastics off the coast of Florida.

Cut Baiting for Tarpon
Cut Baiting for Tarpon (howto)
With great developments in tactics, hooks and tackle, cut baiting for tarpon can be an efficient and safe method for taking the Silver King

Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound
Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound (howto)
An affordable touch screen quality with fisherman friendly features.

Kings on Artificials
Kings on Artificials (howto)
When live bait runs out while offshore, look to these artificial lures — sometimes kingfish like them more!

Topwaters: The Baits and How to Use Them
Topwaters: The Baits and How to Use Them (howto)
Toss topwaters for visual thrills and water-churning fun.

Bucktail Jigging the Channels of Florida
Bucktail Jigging the Channels of Florida (howto)
When fishing the channels of Florida, the author taps the bucktail as the best all-around jig. Here are some thoughts on how best to use it.

Flat Out Mean and Ugly
Flat Out Mean and Ugly (howto)
We didn't pick them 'cause they're pretty. These bad boys are hard on the eyes and have terrible personalities to boot. Hook one, and chances are good it'll kick your butt — if it doesn't eat you first.

Tarpon Basics
Tarpon Basics (howto)
If you're considering trying to land a tarpon, here is some basic information on landing this big-game fish.

Being a Good Boat Partner
Being a Good Boat Partner (howto)
Here are a few reminders the next time you go out on your fishing buddy's boat to fish. Follow these simple rules of fishing etiquette and it's likely you'll be asked back.

Light Tackle Angling Traveling
Light Tackle Angling Traveling (howto)
Traveling has changed drastically in light of tight security measures — here are a few tips to help the traveling angler have an easier and safer fishing trip abroad.

Beach Snook
Beach Snook (howto)
Although many books would be needed to cover all the different ways to catch snook, this article is testament to the idea that anglers can master catching snook off Florida's beaches after some brief training.

Fishing Tandem Rigs
Fishing Tandem Rigs (howto)
Multiple-lure rigs can be used to catch a variety of fish. Though it can be a hassle to assemble, cast and keep untangled, tandem lures aren't that difficult to use when rigged properly.

Topwater Tactics for Spotted Seatrout
Topwater Tactics for Spotted Seatrout (howto)
The key to getting quality spotted seatrout are long casts with topwater plugs. Here a few tricks to haul in the "spotsides."

Boat Launch Etiquette
Boat Launch Etiquette (howto)
Help make the boat launch experience another part of a great day on the water with these tips.

Science of Sound — How Fish Hear
Science of Sound — How Fish Hear (howto)
Uncovering the secrets to sound can help put more fish in the boat.

The Ubiquitous Jighead and Shrimp Rig
The Ubiquitous Jighead and Shrimp Rig (howto)
The jighead and shrimp rig is considered one of the overall picks for saltwater fishing in the southeast U.S.

Tips for the Traveling Fisherman
Tips for the Traveling Fisherman (howto)
To ensure the best fishing trip possible, remember a few things when you plan your adventure.

A Guide to Bluefish and Mackerel off Florida's Coast
A Guide to Bluefish and Mackerel off Florida's Coast (howto)
When fishing for mackerel off Florida's Gold Coast, look for bluefish on the shoreline.

Beach Shark Fishing
Beach Shark Fishing (howto)
"Fishing for sharks off the beach exudes the concept of sport fishing right down into its marrow."

New Zealand: A Kayak Angler's Paradise
New Zealand: A Kayak Angler's Paradise (howto)
From inshore and offshore excursions in the salt to plying picturesque trout-loaded lakes and streams, kayak anglers have endless opportunities in New Zealand.

Flats Fishing for Sharks
Flats Fishing for Sharks (howto)
Fishing for sharks on the flats is a thrilling experience. Learn about the tactics and tackle you'll need to catch these shallow-water hunters in this article.

Flats Fishing for Redfish
Flats Fishing for Redfish (howto)
Redfish are the most sought-after, poled-after and yakked-after fish of the flats. If a redfish junket is in your future, this is an article you don't want to miss.

Flats Fishing for Barracuda
Flats Fishing for Barracuda (howto)
The 'cuda is the ultimate flats predator. Read on to learn how to fish the flats for barracuda in this primer.

Seatrout Tactics
Seatrout Tactics (howto)
Drifting, wading, casting and chumming: an overview of the most productive techniques for tackling spotted seatrout.

Fly Fishing for Snook
Fly Fishing for Snook (howto)
Snook are ample adversaries on any type of tackle, but the ultimate snook fishing challenge comes from stalking them with a flyrod in hand.

Bridge Fishing for Snook
Bridge Fishing for Snook (howto)
Bridges are the epicenter of go-to hotspots for snook. Learn how to monopolize on these man-made structures when fishing for linesiders.

Permit Fishing on the Flats
Permit Fishing on the Flats (howto)
Saltwater anglers are well aware of the permit's mythical status, as well as its reputation for being the most difficult of the Big Three, which includes bonefish and tarpon, of the flats to catch. Read on to increase your odds of hooking up.

Tilefish Tactics
Tilefish Tactics (howto)
Anglers are dropping deeper and cranking up tilefish like never before. To find out how you can catch tasty tilefish, read on.

Shallow Saltwater Fishing
Shallow Saltwater Fishing (howto)
Thin water remains a treasure trove -- a haven for quality gamefish.

Jetty Fishing Tricks
Jetty Fishing Tricks (howto)
Jetties hold an abundance of saltwater gamefish. Learn how to fish these large, man-made rock structures in the following article.

Make Mine a Topwater Lure
Make Mine a Topwater Lure (howto)
Topwater baits require timing, eye-to-hand coordination and mental control. For tips and destinations for saltwater and freshwater topwater action, read on.

Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon
Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon (howto)
Baby tarpon are extremely wary fish, so a fly-fishing trip targeting Silver Kings requires a little forethought and preparation. This article will help you prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Wade Fishing Dauphin Island
Wade Fishing Dauphin Island (howto)
Phenomenal wade fishing and sugar white beaches makes Dauphin Island a vacation hot spot for anglers.

Sheepshead Provide
Sheepshead Provide (howto)
Sheepshead -- winter's most dependable bay action from Georgia to Texas -- provide reliable winter sport and a tasty treat on the table.

Winter Partyboat Fishing
Winter Partyboat Fishing (howto)
Booking a partyboat trip out to deep water is often your best bet for success once winter takes hold.

Redfish Autumn Run
Redfish Autumn Run (howto)
Autumn action on big reds can be fast, furious and non-stop until anglers can take no more.

Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Fly Fishing for Bonefish (howto)
Catching bonefish on a fly requires stealth, determination and strategy. Bone up on the fundamentals with these bonefishing basics.

Bonefishing Belize
Bonefishing Belize (howto)
World-class flats and huge schools of bonefish await the itinerant angler in the unspoiled waters of Belize.

Mexico's Inshore Billfish
Mexico's Inshore Billfish (howto)
Peak fishing for billfish runs from March through July, when sailfish and marlin are migrating into the fertile waters off Puerto Aventuras. Should ever you find yourself headed to the area, be sure to book a trip.

Summer Snapper Season
Summer Snapper Season (howto)
Shorter seasons and conservative bag limits mean you're better off targeting big fish, but how? Read on to find out.

Getting Serious with Pompano
Getting Serious with Pompano (howto)
Looking for pompano? The following three scenes provide the best odds of a choice pompano gracing your dinner table.

Pier Fishing Purists
Pier Fishing Purists (howto)
Surf piers supply countless quality fish in a social setting. However, like other styles, pier fishing is not without its own specialized tackle and tactics. Read on to learn more.

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures
Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures (howto)
Hot bonefish action in Mexico!

Kite Fishing Basics
Kite Fishing Basics (howto)
A finely-tuned kite-fishing system is a thing of beauty and a constant source of action in the right conditions.

Surf Fishing Basics
Surf Fishing Basics (howto)
You don't need a big expensive boat for productive saltwater fishing. But before you head to the beach, check out these tips on reading the surf, choosing baits and tackle and locating fish.

Kasilof Kings & Cook Inlet Halibut
Kasilof Kings & Cook Inlet Halibut (howto)
With two adjoining bodies of water, Kasilof kings and Cook Inlet halibut can be boated in the same day.

Trophy Lings & Yellow-Eyes off Montague Island
Trophy Lings & Yellow-Eyes off Montague Island (howto)
The fertile waters off Alaska's Montague Island are a haven for anglers chasing the dream of world-record ling.

Heavy-Metal Jigs
Heavy-Metal Jigs (howto)
Heavy-metal jigging is so effective because it's simple to master, requires little effort and allows greater access to prime gathering spots like shipwrecks, rising spikes and deep holes.

Wade Fishing Saltwater
Wade Fishing Saltwater (howto)
More saltwater anglers are turning to shallow water and wade fishing -- tactics that use little or no gas -- with great results. Learn all about their stealthy tactics in the article that follows.

Probing the Depths with Deep Droppers
Probing the Depths with Deep Droppers (howto)
Sending baited hooks down almost a fifth of a mile isn't for everyone, but it is a kick to catch and see new fish. Tasty ones, too. For deep-drop fishing tactics and tackle suggestions, read on.

Dancing the Saltwater Jig
Dancing the Saltwater Jig (howto)
Jigs are versatile and very effective. They can be fished at any depth, and they'll catch almost every species that swims.

Kayak Fishing in Saltwater
Kayak Fishing in Saltwater (howto)
The Yaks are coming! The Yaks are coming! And they will soon catch more fish than the rest of us!

Chumming for Tarpon
Chumming for Tarpon (howto)
When tarpon roam the beaches and inlets in search of food, that's the perfect time to chum for tarpon. Learn the tactics used to chum for "silver kings" in this introduction to chum fishing.

Deep Drop Fishing
Deep Drop Fishing (howto)
All up and down the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, fish can be found living in depths ranging from 200 to 3,000 feet. Learn the specific techniques and specialized gear you need to catch these deep-water dwellers in this deep drop fishing primer.

Pompano Basics
Pompano Basics (howto)
Between March and October you'll find Pompano anglers on the piers or the beach. Their angling methods are somewhat specialized, but they're not difficult to learn.

Targeting Summer Flounder
Targeting Summer Flounder (howto)
Knowing the habits of summer flounder can help put a mess of these flatfish on your dinner table.

Jetty Fishing
Jetty Fishing (howto)
Jetties provide ideal habitat for bait and the saltwater game fish that follow. Being there when the fish are there will mean a busy day for smart anglers.

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a Fishing Log (howto)
Finding the pattern is crucial to consistent success, and the best way to expose patterns is by learning to keep and use a fishing log. Here's how.

Keeping Live Bait Alive
Keeping Live Bait Alive (howto)
In many situations, lively baits are crucial to getting that big bite. Learn how to keep your bait alive and kickin' with these helpful tips.

Fishing the Tide
Fishing the Tide (howto)
If you're in the right place at the right tide, you can catch fish, regardless of the time of day.

Fishing with Pogies
Fishing with Pogies (howto)
Fishing with pogies requires a bit of specialization, but no more than the average angler can handle.

How to Keep Fish Fresh, Cold
How to Keep Fish Fresh, Cold (howto)
Fish that are to be kept for eating need to be cooled down fast and they need to stay cold!

Planning a Fishing Trip
Planning a Fishing Trip (howto)
Planning a fishing trip isn't much different than any other vacation or multi-day outing.

Poor Man's Tarpon
Poor Man's Tarpon (howto)
From February through May and June you can find this thrill all along the eastern seaboard!

Kingfish Basics
Kingfish Basics (howto)
With the right bait, the right tackle and the right place, you can catch a smoker of your own.

To Gaff or Not to Gaff
To Gaff or Not to Gaff (howto)
When, how and what to use to gaff fish.

Cobia Fly-By
Cobia Fly-By (howto)
Cobia can be frustrating at times. In the fishing world, they often personify the use of the term "patience".

Saltwater Hook-Setting Basics
Saltwater Hook-Setting Basics (howto)
Several factors are at play when a fish takes bait -- fish species, hook type, bait, water depth, and pure physics.

Mooching for Salmon
Mooching for Salmon (howto)
On the west coast from California to Alaska, moochers can be found fishing for salmon.

The Amazing Tripletail
The Amazing Tripletail (howto)
Three times the tail means three times the fight.

Saltwater Trolling Basics
Saltwater Trolling Basics (howto)
For the average saltwater angler, trolling can be broken down into a combination of four simple categories.

What to Do When the Fish Stop Biting
What to Do When the Fish Stop Biting (howto)
Sometimes the bite doesn't go away, but rather the angler that has left the bite.

Beach Cobia
Beach Cobia (howto)
Cobia are on the beach in the spring and looking for food. What better way to spend a calm morning than drifting off the beach waiting for a flotilla of cobia to come by!

The Price of Quality
The Price of Quality (howto)
Can your choice of reel and rod really make a difference in your casting ability?

Redfish on an Incoming Tide
Redfish on an Incoming Tide (howto)
Low tide, a quiet boat, incoming current, and a good creek all come together to make for some fine redfish action.

Mangrove Snapper Tactics
Mangrove Snapper Tactics (howto)
Tagged as the most wary fish when it comes to a baited hook, here are some tips to make your trip a success.

Fishing the Chum Slicks
Fishing the Chum Slicks (howto)
Learning these few tips about shrimpers and trawlers can put you onto some really big fish.

Grouper Fishing Basics
Grouper Fishing Basics (howto)
Putting great table fare in the cooler can be easy if you follow a few of these tips.

Lifting for Sheepshead
Lifting for Sheepshead (howto)
Knowing just a few tips can help put some of these tasty fish on your table.

Natural Baits for Cobia
Natural Baits for Cobia (howto)
When Cobia won't have anything else to eat, give them a little live bait.

Musing Over Natural Baits for Cobia
Musing Over Natural Baits for Cobia (howto)
Cobia have earned the reputation as a finicky customer, parading around the boat, driving anglers mad by refusing to eat.

Crankin' Up Grouper
Crankin' Up Grouper (howto)
There's nothing like watching a trolling rod double over with a big grouper on the end of your line. It's easy and exciting sport.

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