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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Panfish: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 56 ITEMS)

Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound
Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound (howto)
An affordable touch screen quality with fisherman friendly features.

Tricks for Trophy Bream
Tricks for Trophy Bream (howto)
If you're wanting to snag trophy-size bream, you'll need to combine some tricks of the trade to catch these wary fish.

Tacticts for Transition Crappie
Tacticts for Transition Crappie (howto)
Catching crappie during the summer-to-fall transition is difficult, but success can be had with a few tips and tricks from the professionals.

Hardware for Late Summer Panfish
Hardware for Late Summer Panfish (howto)
Perch, crappies and bluegills become harder to snag in mid to late summer, but here are some hardware presentations that can help you reel in some panfish.

Being a Good Boat Partner
Being a Good Boat Partner (howto)
Here are a few reminders the next time you go out on your fishing buddy's boat to fish. Follow these simple rules of fishing etiquette and it's likely you'll be asked back.

Fishing and the Color Game
Fishing and the Color Game (howto)
When it comes down it, lure color is important — here are some tips on choosing the right color for the right situation.

Using Lipless Crankbaits
Using Lipless Crankbaits (howto)
Lipless crankbaits have been hauling in fish for decades and for good reason. Here are some tips on how to use these vibrators next time out on the water.

Bowfishing 101
Bowfishing 101 (howto)
Bowfishing isn't only an exciting sport to enhance your experience on the water, but it's also a useful tool to help sharpen skills for bowhunting.

Fishing Tandem Rigs
Fishing Tandem Rigs (howto)
Multiple-lure rigs can be used to catch a variety of fish. Though it can be a hassle to assemble, cast and keep untangled, tandem lures aren't that difficult to use when rigged properly.

Springtime Suckers
Springtime Suckers (howto)
Sucker fish is a must for all fly fishermen in the Midwest. Here's how to find — and catch — one of the toughest fighting fish.

Boat Launch Etiquette
Boat Launch Etiquette (howto)
Help make the boat launch experience another part of a great day on the water with these tips.

Three Cs of Crappie
Three Cs of Crappie (howto)
Head to the sheltered shallows for some great early-season papermouth action.

Bank Fishing Basics
Bank Fishing Basics (howto)
Spring is prime time for fishing from the bank. Many anglers don't own a boat but they still enjoy catching fish. Here are some tips on how to get a bite with your feet firmly planted on dry ground.

Florida Winter Crappie
Florida Winter Crappie (howto)
When winter weather hits Florida, anglers flock to the Harris Chain of lakes in search of crappie. For those heading south for the winter, here are a few tips to net your limit.

Science of Sound — How Fish Hear
Science of Sound — How Fish Hear (howto)
Uncovering the secrets to sound can help put more fish in the boat.

Icing the Perch of Winter
Icing the Perch of Winter (howto)
Ice fishing for perch may involve the simplest of rigs; however, finding the large schools of fish is the hardest part. Here are some tips to help snag hard water perch.

Three Patterns for Dog Days Crappie
Three Patterns for Dog Days Crappie (howto)
Hot weather can mean fast action for crappie anglers who know the right presentation for these tasty panfish.

Finding and Fishing for Bedding Bream
Finding and Fishing for Bedding Bream (howto)
Catching bream from the beds is a fine art. Anglers who know the right tricks can catch these fish by the dozens when they are spawning in shallow water.

Prowling America's Backwaters
Prowling America's Backwaters (howto)
Adventuresome anglers who put forth the effort can discover great, unpressured fisheries in North America's backwater streams, ponds, sloughs and lakes.

Goggle-Eye Fishing Tactics
Goggle-Eye Fishing Tactics (howto)
Whether you float, wade or ride a belly-boat, goggle-eye fishing is downright fun. Their delicate fillets fried over an open fire along the riverbank make for a meal you won't soon forget.

Bream Fishing Basics
Bream Fishing Basics (howto)
Bream fishing. For millions of anglers, those words conjure up special memories.

Perch Ice-Fishing Strategies
Perch Ice-Fishing Strategies (howto)
Perch are one of winter's best sport fish. If you can't get one school to bite, odds are you can find another group that's ready to go!

How to Fillet and Pan-Dress Panfish
How to Fillet and Pan-Dress Panfish (howto)
Panfish are great fun to catch and delicious to eat. Learn how to properly prepare your catch for the table using the two most common fish-cleaning methods: filleting and pan-dressing.

Crappie After Dark
Crappie After Dark (howto)
When summer temperatures soar, crappie feed more actively at night. Anglers who fish between dusk and dawn using the tactics outlined below can expect to catch dozens of slabs.

Cranking Up Summer Crappie
Cranking Up Summer Crappie (howto)
If trophy-class slabs are what you're after, give crankbaits a try using the pro tactics outlined below. Chances are you'll catch the biggest panfish you've ever seen!

Spider Rigging for Crappie
Spider Rigging for Crappie (howto)
Crappie aren't hard to catch, but they can be hard to find. Spider rigging can help you overcome that problem. To learn more about this crappie catching tactic, read on.

Crappie Fishing During Spring's Spawn
Crappie Fishing During Spring's Spawn (howto)
Don't miss out on the year's best action. Be on the water when crappie are on their beds and take advantage of this spring fishing bonanza.

Ways and Means for Fall Crappie
Ways and Means for Fall Crappie (howto)
The transition from summer to autumn is jolting for both fish and fishermen. When you finally zero in on a big school of hefty autumn crappie, though, you're sure to agree that the rewards make the extra effort worthwhile.

Panfish on the Fly
Panfish on the Fly (howto)
Fly fishing is an incredible pastime, but sometimes it can get a little too serious. When you're worn out from hatch-matching for highly selective fish, panfish are there to remind you why you got into the sport in the first place -- because it's fun.

Cover Fishing 101
Cover Fishing 101 (howto)
Improve your angling know-how by learning to identify and fish different types of cover.

Jig and Minnow Crappie
Jig and Minnow Crappie (howto)
Live bait and artificial lures have characteristics that make one more desirable than the other in certain situations. However, sometimes combining live bait with artificials can be the key to unlocking tight-lipped fish.

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a Fishing Log (howto)
Finding the pattern is crucial to consistent success, and the best way to expose patterns is by learning to keep and use a fishing log. Here's how.

Fish Current for Summer Slabs
Fish Current for Summer Slabs (howto)
Current breathes life into the ecosystem of river-run reservoirs and can be responsible for a tremendous crappie bite...if you know how to fish it properly.

Late-Season Tips for Super Slabs
Late-Season Tips for Super Slabs (howto)
Before hanging up your poles for the winter, read what follows. We've gathered a stringer-full of late-season crappie tips from some of the best guides in the country to extend your season and help put you on some of the biggest crappie of the year!

Where and How to Catch Shallow Summer Crappie
Where and How to Catch Shallow Summer Crappie (howto)
Heat and humidity soar while fish lips clamp tightly shut for most midsummer anglers. Learn to re-open those crappie jaws with these tips from legendary crappie guide Harold Morgan.

How Water Color Impacts Crappie Patterns
How Water Color Impacts Crappie Patterns (howto)
Three top crappie guides explain the role of water color when determining crappie patterns.

Catch Crappie in Grassy Lakes
Catch Crappie in Grassy Lakes (howto)
Is your favorite crappie hole clogged with grass? Learn these tactics to put more fish in your livewell.

Fishing Docks for Slab Crappie
Fishing Docks for Slab Crappie (howto)
Docks can deliver an awesome stringer of slabs if fished smart, but not every dock has potential as good crappie habitat. Here are some important factors to look for when evaluating these man-made structures.

Super Slab Crappies on Artificial Lures
Super Slab Crappies on Artificial Lures (howto)
Big crappies are more abundant than ever thanks to vigorous stocking programs and enlightened management practices.

Score Slabs from Rocky Lakes
Score Slabs from Rocky Lakes (howto)
Three top guides who earn their living fishing rocky lakes share their expertise to help you score slabs from these challenging bodies of water.

Glowing Jigs
Glowing Jigs (howto)
Adding specialty tackle such as glowing jigs to your arsenal can give you the upper hand with finicky fish.

Catch Crappie in Unexpected Places
Catch Crappie in Unexpected Places (howto)
What you're about to learn will open your eyes to unexploited crappie fishing possibilities close to home.

Planning a Fishing Trip
Planning a Fishing Trip (howto)
Planning a fishing trip isn't much different than any other vacation or multi-day outing.

Advanced Crappie Jigging Tactics
Advanced Crappie Jigging Tactics (howto)
Some of the top crappie guides in the nation share their secret jigging methods!

Catching Cold-Water Slabs
Catching Cold-Water Slabs (howto)
Learn where and how to catch monster slabs in frigid water from Tennessee's top crappie guides.

Getting Tough on Tough Crappie
Getting Tough on Tough Crappie (howto)
Let's look at some tips offered by expert anglers that can help you catch crappie when things get tough.

Ice Fishing for Panfish
Ice Fishing for Panfish (howto)
Remote locations combined with untouched shorelines can be hot beds for big dinner plate panfish.

Bowfishing Basics
Bowfishing Basics (howto)
Bowfishing was much easier to prepare for and learn than I'd ever imagined.

Crappie Fishing Basics
Crappie Fishing Basics (howto)
A scrappy fighter. Abundant. Widespread. Easy to catch. Unexcelled table fare. Add up all the crappie's virtues, and you can only reach one conclusion. Pass the cane pole and minnows, please.

How to Sink Crappie Cover
How to Sink Crappie Cover (howto)
Establishing cover is hard work. But as guide Harold Morgan puts it, "It's like taking out a crappie insurance policy."

Tubin' Winter Slabs
Tubin' Winter Slabs (howto)
Bag a boatload of big crappie on tube jigs over the holidays! Find out how in this article.

Bridging the Gap for Crappie
Bridging the Gap for Crappie (howto)
Increase your catch of slab-sides this year by learning how to effectively fish bridges.

Heavy-Metal Crappie
Heavy-Metal Crappie (howto)
Want to put more crappie in your boat? Do like Harold Morgan suggests and add some heavy metal to the end of your line.

Clear-Water Crappie Tactics
Clear-Water Crappie Tactics (howto)
The next time you fish a crappie lake that's clear as gin, try some of these tips.

Oxbow Crappie
Oxbow Crappie (howto)
It's not uncommon to fish all day on a little backcountry oxbow and never see another boat. And when the crappie are biting, there's only one way to describe it. It's heaven on earth.

Put a Spin on Crappie Fishing
Put a Spin on Crappie Fishing (howto)
Jig and minnows aren't the only effective crappie-catchers around.

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