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Our Hunting Library contains a wealth of information that covers nearly every aspect of hunting imaginable. From big game bear with a bow to bushytail basics, we've got the information you need to improve your skills in the woods and on the range -- whatever the game.

Each broad topic within the Hunting Library is broken down further to accommodate the informational needs of all sportsmen -- from the absolute beginner to the experienced woodsman. For example, click Turkey Hunting and scroll down the page; you'll find turkey hunting basics, articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips.

Upland Hunting: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 21 ITEMS)

Using the Internet to Plan Grouse Hunts
Using the Internet to Plan Grouse Hunts (howto)
Technology today makes it easier – and cheaper – to research and plan grouse hunts.

Birds of Autumn
Birds of Autumn (howto)
Autumn provides the first chance for hunters to get some shots in, and hunting for dove and teal is a perfect opportunity.

Planning Your Pheasant Hunt
Planning Your Pheasant Hunt (howto)
If you're considering traveling to a premium upland hunting destination, here are some things to consider when planning your trip.

Lessons in Snipe Hunting
Lessons in Snipe Hunting (howto)
Leave your gunnysack and lantern at home. Snipe are real!

Locating Downed Birds
Locating Downed Birds (howto)
A downed game bird can vanish right before your eyes into the habitat from which it flushed. The following methods will up the odds in your favor of finding that prize we call a “bird down.”

Hunting Lease 101
Hunting Lease 101 (howto)
Considering a hunting lease? Welcome to Lease Hunting 101, a crash course covering the basic types of hunting leases and how they can enhance your hunting season next fall.

Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs
Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs (howto)
Life on the highway can be filled with dangers for hunting dogs, but most can be avoided if you prepare and plan properly.

Dog Training with Live Birds
Dog Training with Live Birds (howto)
Using live birds to train pointing dogs, flushing dogs and retrievers helps dogs reach their full potential and teaches them how to respond to birds in the field.

Dove Hunting Watermelon Fields
Dove Hunting Watermelon Fields (howto)
Melon fields provide all the ingredients for a great dove shoot -- plenty of food and water for the birds, ample cover for hunters.

Shotgun Stock Fitting
Shotgun Stock Fitting (howto)
One of the most important things you can do to improve your shooting is get a proper fit on your shotgun stock. If your gunstock isn't as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt, read on to find out how to get a proper fit.

Try the Woodcock Challenge
Try the Woodcock Challenge (howto)
Many hunters consider woodcock hunting a folly -- a waste of time, energy and too much ammunition. For others, though, the sport is HIGHLY addictive.

Planting Isn't the Only Way to Attract Doves
Planting Isn't the Only Way to Attract Doves (howto)
The following dove habitat management projects are both easy and inexpensive, allowing almost anyone with the requisite space to create a wingshooting haven of their very own.

Ten Tips for More Grouse
Ten Tips for More Grouse (howto)
Grouse hunting isn't complicated, but it does take some planning, know-how and skill. Here are 10 strategies that will help make you a better grouse hunter.

Hard Lessons on Gun Safety
Hard Lessons on Gun Safety (howto)
"Years later, I watched, horrified, as a friend was shot by a fellow pheasant hunter."

Picking Pockets for Quail
Picking Pockets for Quail (howto)
Due to loss of habitat, the modern quail hunter must be willing to search out small pockets of cover, and then move from pocket to pocket to find birds.

Proper Nutrition for Working Dogs
Proper Nutrition for Working Dogs (howto)
Choosing the right dog food, and following a proper feeding regimen, is one of the best ways to keep your hunting dog healthy.

Dove Hunting Basics
Dove Hunting Basics (howto)
Employ the these tips and tactics and you're sure to enjoy the exciting, fast-paced wingshooting provided by America's favorite game bird.

Renovate for Bobwhites
Renovate for Bobwhites (howto)
The bobwhite will survive. But how well it prospers depends largely on the efforts of the hunter and private landowner.

How to Hunt Common Ground
How to Hunt Common Ground (howto)
If finding private land to hunt isn't an option and you can't afford to pay an outfitter, it's time to find your public hunting spot.

Travel: Texas Shooting Preserves
Travel: Texas Shooting Preserves (howto)
A good alternative to traditional bird hunting.

Structure Your Dove Hunting
Structure Your Dove Hunting (howto)
Numerous doves flew into the field, from all directions. Occasionally one passed by close enough for a shot, but for the most part, they blazed by out of range.

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