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Sevylor 6-Person Super Caravelle Inflatable Boat
written by Tara Muck

Sevylor 6-Person Super Caravelle Inflatable Boat has it's limitations, but if you know what those are, this is a good inexpensive, portable option for small lakes and rivers.
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Floating is one of my favorite summer activities. There's nothing quite like getting a group of friends together to head to the river for a weekend of floating and camping.

If you've ever been floating on a raft, then you know how pricey renting one can be. That's why I decided to give the Sevylor 6-Person Super Caravelle Inflatable Boat a try.

The first mistake you shouldn't make is expecting this inflatable boat to be much like the commercial raft you'd be renting from an outfitter.

Sevylor 6-Person Inflatable Boat

The Sevylor 6-Person Caravelle Inflatable Boat doesn't quite handle six people – two adults and two small children would be more comfortable.

The most glaring difference is room. The raft isn't as big as those at the outfitters. And one of the bigger issues with the Sevylor raft is that, while it says it can hold six people, there's no way it can hold six adults. The raft's warning label says six people or 900 pounds. That would be six people weighing 150 pounds each. Not very realistic.

Now you could get six people in the raft but there wouldn't be much room to move or to sit. We had three adults, one child and a cooler on our float and found it to be cramped.
We also couldn't find a comfortable spot to sit, as the boat comes with two removable inflatable cushions. That would be fine if one adult was sitting at one end of the boat but if you had two adults sitting side by side, they would have to straddle the side of the boat, which isn't as deep as commercial rafts, making it quite uncomfortable.
Another issue to point out is that the air valves on the chambers on the bottom of the boat could snag rocks on low water levels.

While I've been blasting the Sevylor boat, it's important to note that I'm simply saying it may not be a good alternative to commercial rafts if you want to go floating. I can see it being a good fit for two adults and maybe two small children. But anything more than that will find it cramped for a long period of time.

In my opinion, the boat really should be used for the purpose of a boat only. It does have the capability to hold an SBM 12-volt elector motor or a motor mount for gas motors up to 3.5 HP.

That reason alone makes me believe this would just be a great boat for trolling around a small lake or for some leisure fishing. The boat is well constructed and seemed very durable.

Just don't expect this to be a serious boat for serious rafting or fishing.

So why this inflatable boat over a regular boat? Because it is inflatable – making it easy to travel with without needing a trailer.

With an electric pump, it took about 15 minutes to blow up the five chambers and two inflatable seats. (Speaking of seats, might be a good idea to figure out a more comfortable seating situation, such as stadium chairs, etc.)

We used two Bass Pro Shops' oars and the boat was easy to maneuver with one paddling in the back and one in front. Another reason you cannot sit on the sides very comfortably is because the oarloacks and all-around grab line gets in the way.

The Sevylor 6-Person Super Caravell Inflatable Boat is a good, cheap alternative to having a regular boat to take short trips on small lakes or rivers but it has its limitations. If you want something portable and inexpensive, this would be a good choice.

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Sevylor® 6-Person Super Caravelle Inflatable Boat
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