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Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound
written by Justin Hoffman

An affordable touch screen quality with fisherman friendly features.
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Choosing a fishing scale among the vast amount on the market can be a guessing game at best. Accuracy is a key component when pounds are on the line — and many models can fail when it comes to upholding this crucial criteria.

The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound has been a mainstay on my boat for the last two seasons and sports some of the most innovative and easy to use features I have been lucky to get my hands on over the years.

Features Galore

Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale

The first difference one notices with this Rapala model is the touch screen. This advancement is extremely handy and alleviates the need to scroll through tedious menus or toggle switches. The screen is large so numbers and information is easily read — even under bright and sunny conditions.

Rapala claims that the accuracy of this scale is +/- 1ounce. Compared to most other models on the market, this accuracy factor is top of the class. After testing the scale at home with known weights, I can validate their promise.

Tournament anglers (and those that like to keep track of their big fish each season) will be excited about the eight storage bins — individual boxed squares that weights can be displayed in, with a cumulative total weight always on display. This system allows easy identification of smallest fish for culling, and each bin numerically matches the eight culling floats that come standard with the scale. Each float comes complete with a stainless steel lip clip. This feature alone can mean money in the bank for those that fish on the competitive side.

For those that prefer to weigh their fish in a container or bag, the Rapala scale can also accurately calculate tare weight.

One feature I have always struggled with on scales is the weigh hook. If not used correctly, damaging a fish's delicate gills is always a concern. Rapala exceeded my expectations in this department, by not only including a weigh hook, but also a heavy duty composite weigh clamp. Quickly and securely hold fish with the clamp and minimize unnecessary stress or damage to the fish. So far I have been very impressed.

Other options that add to the quality of this product is an air temperature display, back light for low light and evening conditions, full waterproof construction, 400-hour battery life (with backup memory), and a storage bag with sewn-in instructions for quick reference. The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale also offers three weight display options — lb./oz., decimal lbs. or kg. This is a nice option for those who prefer the variety or like to change things up.

The options this scale offers are considerably more advanced than most out on the market. The learning curve is short to figure out the ins and outs of this unit, and after a couple of uses, the push sequences becoming rudimentary. (If you do forget anything, the bag with sewn-in instructions is always close at hand.) Although I don't fish tournaments anymore, the storage bin option is a neat feature for keeping track of my heaviest eight bass of the year. It has also come in handy when I challenge myself to a fun solo tourney!

For less than fifty dollars, this unit is the best and most advanced I have had the pleasure to use. As an angler that loves to weigh and keep track of any "trophy" fish that land in the boat, the Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale definitely fits the bill for taking on the task at hand.

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Rapala® Touch Screen Digital Fishing Scale - 15 lb.
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