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Big Bobber Floating Cooler
written by Tara Muck

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler is a great way to keep drinks and ice nearby while lounging in the pool or anchored at your favorite swimming hole.
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One of the best parts of summer is heading to the water. Whether you're on a lake, river or swimming pool, it's always a good idea to have a cooler around filled with your favorite beverages.

But who really wants to get out of the water to grab a cold drink? Fortunately Bass Pro Shops' Big Bobber Floating Cooler makes said cold drink easily attainable by offering a cooler that floats in the water.

Big Bobber

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler is perfect for lounging in the pool or bobbing next to you while anchored at your favorite swimming hole.

After a couple trips out on the water, I've found that the Big Bobber has some pros and cons.

First, the bobber is just plain cool to see. The design looks much like a large bobber — so it's a definite eye-catcher on the water. Also, it's easy to transport, with a hidden handle at the top of the bobber that can be retracted to carry it.

The Big Bobber states that it can fit 12 cans with ice, which we found to indeed be the case.

But there are a few caveats. One of the main things you'll first notice if you read the manual that comes in the packaging is that it states the bobber is not watertight. There are two latches that lock the bobber's top half to the bottom half. And between the seal is no rubber gasket — only plastic.

This doesn't seem to be an issue if you're using the floating cooler in a pool or while anchored out at the lake in your favorite swimming hole. But we found it really becomes an issue when you take the bobber floating.

Both times when we took it along for a float, we tied it to a raft and let it tag along about two feet behind us. The idea of a cooler being able to float along behind a raft is a great idea — it frees up more room for other coolers and people to sit comfortably in a raft.

But the Big Bobber just isn't a good fit for floating because as you're floating along, the bobber sways every which way, bumping into rocks (especially if the water is low) or other things that your raft may nudge while out on the river. And remember the fact that it's not watertight — cool river water just seeped in, quickly melting the ice and tipping the bobber on its side for even more water to penetrate.

Another issue I found, which comes up whether you're floating down the river or lounging in a pool - you really need to be careful when you unlock the latches to fold back the top half of the bobber to get to your drinks. Water comes up close to the opening and can easily tip, allowing water to enter — just something to be mindful of when opening it in water.

While it may not be suited for floating, it's definitely a neat thing to have while hanging out in the pool or lake. The bobber will do just fine holding drinks and ice bobbing next to you. However, it doesn't hold ice very long — after all, it's primarily a conversational piece than a functional item.

If your main purpose is to keep drinks ice cold, stick with a nicely insulated cooler that you may have to get out of the water to get (unless you got a "gopher" who's not in the water willing to grab it for you). But if you want something that will keep drinks chilled and can float with you while lounging in the water, give the bobber a try. And like the package says, it does make a nice gift!

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Bass Pro Shops® The Big Bobber Floating Cooler
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