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RedHead 3D Evolution Suit
written by Bill Cooper

Put to the test in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, the author found the RedHead 3D Evolution Suit was a major part of his successful hunt for ocellated turkeys.
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Bill Cooper

Yucatan Hunter. The author, left, in his RedHead 3D Evolution Suit he wore while successfully hunting in the jungles of the Yucitan Peninsula.

Planning to hunt in hot weather this year? The RedHead 3D Evolution Suit is the answer to your warm weather woes and will leave your hunting partners steaming.

Temperatures soar into the low 100-degrees mark in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. During a recent ocellated turkey hunt there, I quickly became indebted to my RedHead 3D Evolution Suit, both as an option for lightweight camo and as a lifesaving bug suit.

Dense jungles dish out grueling hunting conditions in the Yucatan. Outdated styles of clothing, i.e. cotton, challenge the endurance of the toughest hunters. Coupled outdated materials with the steamy heat of the jungle and the vicious attacks of biting insects and you have the perfect combination for an unbearable, and most likely, unsuccessful hunt.

Hunting clothing materials have made great strides in the last decade and the RedHead 3D Evolution system is at the top of my list. The 100 percent polyester suit is ultra-light, durable and will disappear into any jungle or woodscape with its effective 3D effect of the leafy pattern. I found that the leafy pattern is supple enough to ripple in the wind just like real leaves, creating an illusion of natural vegetation.

The 3D Evolution is extremely quiet allowing you to confidently enjoy your stalk or stand sitting session. The material is reasonably cool as well and whisks moisture away from your skin. My profuse sweating in the jungle provided the ultimate test for the Evolution system and it passed with great satisfaction on my part.

I wore my 3D evolution suit over a lightweight pair of Under Armour shorts and a RedHead Stalker Lite II t-shirt — the perfect lightweight camo combination for the jungle.

Yellow flies, black gnats and mosquitoes can be foreboding in the Yucatan, especially if waterholes are present. Hunters everywhere deal with some type of biting or stinging insects. To my surprise, my 3D Evolution clothing doubled as an effective bug suit. This fact enabled me to not only enjoy my hunt for ocellated turkeys, but allowed me to confidently sit on  tower stand on the banks of a waterhole for hours while watching for peccaries, brocket deer and puma.

For your next warm weather hunt, do yourself an immense favor and wear the best — the RedHead Evolution Suit. It will leave you the coolest hunter in camp and leave the misery to your hunting buddies.  

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