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ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent
written by Tom Claycomb

The ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent has been the author's favorite repellent for years.
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ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent

The ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent comes in three different colors: olive green (shown), original camouflage and ReelTree APG.

I am by no means a big health nut but I hate bug repellent sprays and aerosoles. For one, they stink and make me feel greasy. No. 2, game can smell me.

Where I bear hunt, the mosquitos are horrendous. They're also bad when I pack into the high mountain lakes. I had to do something because when bear hunting, I'd have to zip up my coat and wear gloves, even though the temperature is warm in the afternoons. What else do you do? Spend your whole hunt slapping mosquitos and spooking your bears? I remember one hunt I had in Colorado, they were so bad the next day my hands were swollen up and puffy because I didn't have any gloves.

I first became acquainted with the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent in 2007 when my buddy Jason Sweet came out bear hunting. Jason said that everyone in Florida used them. But here's where I got really sold on them. My wife and I had run up to the mountains and while coming home I suggested we stop and pick huckleberries. We pulled over and there were so many mosquitos hitting the truck that it sounded like a small hail storm. In a hot second my wife said, "Forget this nonsense," and jumped back in the truck. There was no getting her out. I suddenly remembered my unit was in back so I fired it up and set it on the hood of my truck. We drank a cup of coffee and in about five minutes I noticed that all the mosquitos had scattered. I then got out and started picking berries.

As I cleaned out bushes, I moved on and suddenly started getting bit again. I then noticed that I had moved away from my ThermaCell unit. We were sold on them after that experience.

They're the ticket for hunting in blinds, fishing and camping. My daughter was at Hot Shot and I sent her a couple and her fire crew loved them. They work on mosquitos — and I'm told on no-see-ums in Alaska — but they don't work on deer flies and horse flies.

How They Work

It has a butane cartridge that heats up the plate that the pad sets on — this dissipates the chemical. Flip the switch on and click the striker button. In one to three clicks it usually starts. You can look in the peep hole and if it's orange, it's lit. I think ThermaCell claims that in 15 minutes they'll scatter, but for me I've found that they're gone within three to five minutes. It clears out an area 15-by-15 feet.

The cartridge last for 12 hours and the pads for three. When the blue pad turns white, it's done. Throw it away and put in another one. I've found though that if the wind kicks up or if it starts sprinkling, if I turn it off I can milk a lot of time out of my cartridge/pads.

I like the regular pad, but they also make an Earth scent pad. I'm trying to get them to make other options, such as honey flavored for bear hunting, cow urine for elk hunting, etc. If you're in a bad mosquito area or scared of West Nile Disease, you ought to try one out.

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ThermaCell® Mosquito Repellent - Olive Green
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