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RedHead BlackOut Hub-Style Blind
written by Tara Muck

At this price, the RedHead BlackOut Hub-Style Blind is a great buy for the roomy interior and ease of use.
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Blackout Blind

The RedHead Blackout Hub-style Blind is quick and easy to set up, even in windy conditions.

Hiding among the elements of nature is important for hunters. While camouflage jackets, pants, hunting boots, hats and masks make it easy, sometimes you need a little extra help — that's where blinds come in handy. Looking at the blinds on the market, I decided to give the RedHead BlackOut Hub-Style Blind a shot.

To do this, I enlisted my "hunting-every-chance-he-can" buddy, Eleazar Soto, to test out RedHead's blind. The blind offered a lot of positives with only a few drawbacks, but the bottom line was that the price made this one enticing blind.

Right out of the box, he was impressed with the padded shoulder straps on the bag, which makes carrying the 18-pound blind easy on the shoulders. While the shoulder straps have a chest strap that buckles, Eleazar said he wished the shoulder straps were adjustable to make it snugger on the back. I agreed. Because of the blind rods, the bag is nearly 3 feet long. Having that on your back vertically creates a gravitational challenge if not snug.

However, the reason for the length of the roads is also the reason for the blind being quite an easy setup. Handles on the outside of the blind make opening up the blind quick and easy for one person to do, even with fairly windy conditions we were in. The blind basically pops up when pulling on the handles.

Once up, it was time to pull out the stakes and the tie downs. Eleazar was happy to see that RedHead didn't get cheap with the stakes, providing strong metal stakes that didn't bend when shoving into the hard Missouri earth. It took less than 2 minutes to get the blind up and another 5 minutes to get it tied down before he was ready to make some practice shots out of the window. And remember, these were under less than desirable conditions.

Inside, the blind — measuring 64 inches wide and 75 inches tall (roughly 5-by-6 feet) — is roomy enough for two hunters and all their gear, plus it's taller than most blinds for its price. It has three mesh pockets on the walls — a great place to easily store calls — and two mesh shelves in the upper corners to store binoculars or other belongings.

Blackout Blind

The blind offers hunters multiple shot angles.

One of the negatives Eleazar found with the blind was that the window zippers were relatively small, which could make it hard to zip quietly with or without gloves. A longer string connected to the zipper would do the trick. However, they were pretty quiet when zipping.

The windows offer angles at nearly every direction and height. Elongated windows in the corners make for some great angles for bow shots. After setting up a target bag about 25 yards away, Eleazar hit the target multiple times with his bow while in a kneeling position. With the blind's "blackout" interior, it does well to camouflage the hunter.

Shoot-through Mesh

The blind comes with shoot-through mesh to place over the windows, increasing invisibility. The mesh pieces, which are camouflage, secures tightly inside each window of the blind with bungee cord and hooks. The good part of that is they can quietly be removed if you'd rather not shoot through the mesh. However, the shoot-through mesh is personal preference, with the biggest concerns involving trajectory being thrown off by the mesh when making a shot.

While bullets and shotgun patterns aren't negatively impacted by the mesh, that's not true with arrows. Because arrows are longer — and slower — projectiles, the mesh does just enough to change the trajectory of the arrow. With fixed-blade broadheads, Eleazar's shot from about 20 yards hit the bag slightly off target. While the shot might work on a deer, it would be difficult to get a kill shot on a turkey. And if you're considering using expandable broadheads — don't. The mesh causes it to open in air more often than not, which would make it unpredictable to use through the mesh.

If you're using a rifle or shotgun, the mesh shouldn't be an issue at any range. However, unless the target is relatively close — say less than 15 yards — it might be a better option to take down the mesh before making a bow shot.

Outside Look

Outside, the blind has a lot of pluses. It features loops on the top and sides of the outside to hold limbs and brush to camouflage the blind. For safety concerns, an orange flag can be untucked on each side of the roof to warn other hunters that you're in the area. If you get caught in the rain, the blind is waterproof. The RealTree look blended in well with the blind's surroundings.

While the blind is easy to set up, as with many blinds, you have to pay attention to putting it back up. The first time we put the blind back in the bag, it was done wrong, which created a bit of an issue when setting it back up again.

Overall, the RedHead Blackout Hub-style Blind is a great addition to your hunting artillery, given a few setbacks you can work around. The cost makes this blind even a better choice.


Out of the Box: In the backpack, the blind weighs about 18 pounds and is roughly 45 inches long.
Shipping: In the box, it's about 21 pounds and measures roughly 47 inches long and 8.50 inches wide.







  • Padded shoulder straps on bag
  • Sturdy zippers on windows and door
  • Comes with a free in-ground bow-holder
  • Black inside to camouflage
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy metal stakes
  • Tight shoot-through window mesh
  • Room enough for two hunters and gear
  • Shoulder straps aren't adjustable for a snugger carry
  • Zipper string handles could be bigger and easier to grab
  • Weight could make traveling long distances tiresome


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RedHead® BlackOut® Hub-Style Blind
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