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Diamond Dead Eye RAK Compound Bow
written by Mitch Strobl

The Diamond Dead Eye offers numerous leading technologies at a reasonable price.
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Dead Eye

The FLX-Guard containment system reduces lateral knock travel.

The Diamond Dead Eye is the result of numerous industry leading technologies at a reasonable price. It is a sleek bow with a superb-fitting, ergonomic grip. However, great feel and good looks usually aren't enough to demand a new purchase. Further investigation of the new, built-in technologies revealed that the Dead Eye is well worth the investment.

Throttle Cam Tech

The Dead Eye features Throttle Cam Technology. This system places equal tension on the string and cable by allowing cam track geometries to approach the center of rotation. The end result is minimal creep and a very solid back wall for the shooter; both contribute to shot consistency. Speed is also a benefit of this system, the Dead Eye's IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) rating is a blazing 343 feet-per-second. With a hunting setup set at 29 inches pulling 71 pounds, we sent a 420-grain arrow 300 feet-per-second!

Cam Equilibrium

The fastest way to get from point A to point B is by a straight line. Normally, single or hybrid cam bows distribute power unevenly, pushing the knock up as the arrow leaves the bow. Thanks to the Throttle Cam Technology, horizontal knock travel is minimized. The arrow is pushed out on a straighter line, increasing speed and maximizing accuracy for the shooter.

FLX TM Guard

The FLX-Guard cable containment system contributes to minimized riser torque by flexing inward during draw. The result is a substantial reduction in lateral knock travel from full draw to brace height. By limiting the side-to-side knock travel, downrange accuracy is increased significantly.

Carbon Rod String Stop

The built in carbon-rod string-stop is a great addition. Positioned directly in line with the stabilizer, the string-stop effectively transfers vibration from the string to the stabilizer.  This decreases string noise and minimizes hand shock. Plus, it is small, extremely lightweight and easily adjustable.

Overall, the technologies above are only a few of the many built into the Dead Eye. The seven-layer limb design maximizes the working area of the limb while also extending limb life. Exposed modules allow for easy module access and simple draw length adjustments without a bow press. This concoction of innovative technology culminates into diamonds top of the line bow. The only way to experience these great features is to pick up a Dead Eye, and give it a try!

Dead Eye

Photo by: Beth Crow

Dead Eye

Photo by: Beth Crow

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