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Diamond Outlaw RAK Compound Bow
written by Mitch Strobl

The Diamond Outlaw has many features bow hunters are sure to love, including its speed and accuracy.
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Throttle Cam Technology minizes horizontal knock travel, shooting the arrow on a straighter line.

As the name suggests, the Diamond Outlaw is a true killer. Like its Fugitive brother, the Outlaw comes R.A.K (Ready. Aim. Kill) equipped, so all accessories come standard with your purchase. Including an Octane stabilizer, Octane Hostage Pro arrow rest, Octane quiver, alloy preset peep site, string dampeners, string loop and a TruGlo Apex four-pin site.

Shot Consistency

Aside from the R.A.K package, the Outlaw's first noticeable feature is its weight. At only 3.8 pounds, the Outlaw is extremely lightweight and easy to operate. Secondly, like the Fugitive and Dead Eye, the Outlaw features Throttle Cam Technology. By placing the bearing assembly at the very tip of the limb, cam track geometries are able to approach the axis of rotation. This places equal tension on the string and cable, resulting in minimal creep and an incredibly solid back wall. The end result for the shooter is a strong back wall, or anchor point, which contributes to shot consistency and shot accuracy.

Speed and Accuracy

What is the quickest way to get from point A to point B? The answer is by a straight line. Normally, single or hybrid cam systems distribute power unevenly, which pushes the knock up and out of the bow, not on a straight line. Thanks to the Throttle Cam Technology, horizontal knock travel is minimized and the arrow is shot out on a straighter line; consequently speed and accuracy are increased. Shooting arrows at an IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) rated 330 feet-per-second, the Diamond Outlaw is an incredibly fast single cam bow. It also has the ability to generate nearly 85 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Talk about knock down power!


A third great feature is the Outlaw's adjustability. Shooters have a choice of 50, 60 and 70 pound limbs. This wide selection of draw weights makes the Outlaw a good choice for growing teens or full grown, stronger archers. Exposed modules allow for draw length adjustments that can be made without a bow press. Going back to growing teens, the Outlaw has a minimum draw length of 26.5 inches and a maximum length of 30.5 inches, to help compensate for those years of growth.

All in all, for the price of this bow and all that it entails, one would be hard pressed to find a better deal. It's a shooter, it's a killer, and I would have no reservations about running with this Outlaw. Get the Outlaw, and reap the rewards!

Photo: Beth Crow

Photo: Beth Crow

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