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CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader
written by Mitch Strobl

The Accura V2 muzzleloaders by Connecticut Valley Arms offer the accuracy and reliability needed when depending on making the shot.
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Accura V2

The CVA Accura V2 provides confidence in making long shots.

The Accura V2 by Connecticut Valley Arms features multiple advances that make it a great choice for your upcoming adventure. When it comes to smoke-pipes, accuracy, ease of use and reliability are three legitimate concerns. Does it produce tight groups? Is it easy to load, shoot and clean? Will it shoot under undesirable conditions? The CVA Accura V2 boasts well to the above concerns.

The V2 sports a 27-inch 416 stainless steel fluted Bergara barrel in either .45 or .50 caliber, making accuracy the name of the game. The V2's barrel is machined to provide balance and maneuverability, while still maintaining unequaled accuracy that shooters demand. All Bergara barrels are put through a unique honing process, which replicates hand lapping, but is more precise. This process results in no tight or loose spots in the barrel and a precise bore diameter.

Also contributing to accuracy is the V2's neutral center of gravity trigger design, which produces a crisp and clean trigger pull. The trigger pull can be modified to the shooter's preferred weight by setting the screw located behind the trigger guard/breeching lever. After setting the trigger pull weight, we attained 1-inch groups at 100 yards with two different load combinations in our range test. Tony Smotherman with CVA achieves pinpoint accuracy using a very specific load. Smotherman said, "I prefer 120 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a 300 grain Powerbelt Aerolite out of my Accura. This powder and bullet combo gives me 3/4-inch three shot groups at 100 yards and the confidence I need to make ethical and fatal shots."

After shooting, cleaning the Accura V2 is simple. By pulling the trigger guard/breeching lever, the quick release breech plug, or QRBP, is revealed. The QRBP is easily removed by finger, no tools necessary. In addition, the entire gun can be completely disassembled by removing a single screw. These two features alone make cleaning the Accura V2 not only faster but also more efficient.

Accura V2

Ergonomic design provides snug and secure handling.

Also worth mentioning is the V2's ergonomic design, SoftTouch coating and rubber grip panels, making it snug and secure in even the foulest of conditions. The V2's one-piece DuraSight DEAD ON scope mount safely secures your scope of choice. The CrushZone rubber recoil pad absorbs much of the recoil, therefore minimizing the hard kick of high powder loads.

Overall, the Accura V2 by Connecticut Valley Arms is an incredibly well engineered firearm. Its sporty design is appealing, its innovative technologies make it easy to clean and it's a tack-driver. Go afield with an Accura V2, and go afield with confidence.

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CVA® ACCURA® V2 .45 Caliber Break-Action Muzzleloaders
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