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Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod
written by Mitch Strobl

Caldwell's new DeadShot FieldPod allows you versatility to achieve benchrest accuracy in the field.
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deadshot fieldpod

Finding a solid shooting rest for the range is not difficult. Finding one for the field is a very different story. Caldwell has the cure. Caldwell's new DeadShot FieldPod allows you to achieve benchrest accuracy in the field.

Durability Plus Convenience

Constructed of high-quality, lightweight aluminum, the DeadShot FieldPod is both portable and durable. It features three telescopic legs, each with two points of adjustment.

Height adjustment ranges from 20-42 inches, ensuring an ideal position whether you are shooting from the ground or from a chair. The FieldPod collapses quickly for those inevitable "run and gun" situations and quickly unfolds when a shot presents itself. The detachable carry strap allows you to throw the unit over your shoulder, freeing your hands for action. Weighing just under 5 pounds, the DeadShot Field Pod is light enough to carry anywhere.

Adjustability and Versatility

It happens to the best of us. A gobbler shows up out of nowhere and your gun is out of position. With the DeadShot FieldPod, you leave the firearm in the rest, minimizing any movement once game arrives. Instead of bringing the gun up to your shoulder, simply bring your shoulder to the gun. It's perfect for hunting from a ground blind.

During a recent field test, we found out just how adjustable the FieldPod is. Our adult male user enjoyed the legs half extended and the frame clamp centered on the upper frame tubes. His 10-year-old daughter needed the legs fully extended and the frame clamp off center in order to shoot comfortably from the standing position. These modifications were made in seconds by loosening the adjustment knobs and then moving the parts for maximum comfort and stability. Fast and smooth target acquisition is made easy by the cast aluminum center hub, which provides adjustable rotation and tilting. Upper frame length and pivot point adjustments ensure a perfect fit for any weapon, be it a shotgun, muzzleloader, crossbow, rifle or even a youth gun.

deadshot fieldpod

Versatility for every hunter

Overall, the DeadShot FieldPods's innovative design and versatility make it perfect for a variety of hunting applications. It's fabricated so every component is highly adjustable, including tripod height and upper frame length, pivot angle and rotation. The DeadShot FieldPod is fully assembled and ready for action straight out of the box. Perhaps the

DeadShot FieldPod's greatest trait is versatility. It can be used to increase safety and success for beginners and to extend effective shooting range for more seasoned shooters. It truly is top notch when it comes to in-field shooting rests. Why wait to increase your in-field accuracy? Pick up the DeadShot FieldPod by Caldwell Shooting Supplies today.


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Caldwell® DeadShot® FieldPod™
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