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Cajun Injector Original Injectable Marinade Kit
written by Clint Craft

Spice up your meats with this variety pack of injectable marinades.
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Cajun Injector Marinade Kit
Includes 4 marinades, 1 seasoning rub and injector

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of this past year, I cooked four turkeys for my family using a variety of methods. I grilled one turkey on my Weber, baked another in the oven, and deep-fried the other two in my propane turkey fryer. Each cooking method adds its own distinct flavor to the meat, but this year -- just to spice things up a bit -- I decided to try some of the injectable marinades from Cajun Injector that I'd heard so much about.

I chose the Original Injectable Marinade Kit so that I could get a good sampling of the different flavors of marinade available. If you're just starting out with injectable marinades and want to experiment, this kit is an excellent choice. Buying four different flavors of marinade individually, as well as a seasoning rub and injector, is more expensive, so buying the kit is definitely the economical choice. The kit includes four 16 oz. jars of marinade in Teriyaki & Honey, Roasted Garlic & Herb, Creole Garlic, Creole Butter Marinade; an 8 oz. Cajun Shake Seasoning Rub; and a high-quality injector.

Cajun Injector Marinade Kit
Injectable marinades take minutes instead of hours

Just as different cooking methods add and enhance the flavor of meat, each unique marinade added a special savory zest to our family's holiday feasts. The Teriyaki & Honey marinade added a delicious spicy-sweet flavoring to our turkey. Roasted Garlic & Herb had a subtle blend of garlic and herb flavors. Creole Garlic had a slightly spicy, garlicky flavor. And Creole Butter was a buttery concoction with the perfect amount of mild Creole seasoning.

The beauty of injectable marinades, though, is the time saved preparing the meat. Whereas traditional marinades can take hours, injectable marinades take minutes. Also, with injectable marinades, all of the marinade makes it into the meat, meaning maximum flavor.

If you're interested in enhancing the flavor of your meats, Injectable Marinades are the obvious choice. And while most people think of them as flavor enhancers for deep-fried turkey alone, injectable marinades are also excellent when used with beef, pork, chicken and venison.

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Cajun Injector® Marinade Injector Kit
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