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Crappie Creek Channels
Wally Marshall
Bluff ledges and creek channels are prime locations for fall crappie.
Wally Marshall

Creek channels are great places to find success on fall crappie. When the water starts cooling, crappie love to use them for moving and feeding.

A contour map will greatly reduce your search time and increase your fishing time. When you find their general vicinity, use your locator to find the channel.

Trolling is a great method to use to locate the crappie. Keep moving along a channel or ledge and watching your locator. Once you have located active fish, drop a buoy or figure out reference points and start fan casting the area.

Fall crappie will probably be on a ledge near a dropoff. Depths will vary but usually it will be 4 to 10 feet.

Wally "Mr. Crappie" Marshall was 2002 NACA Angler of the Year

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