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Going Nuts
Larry Whiteley
Acorns attract more deer than any other food source.
Larry Whiteley

If it's been a good year for mast in the area of the country you hunt, acorns will attract more deer than any other food source. Be picky though. Set your stand near the milder tasting and hands down deer favorite, white oak acorns. Chinquapin and burr oak acorns are also good.

Once those three acorns are gone, move on to pin oaks, black oaks, and red oaks when their bitter, pungent acorns drop. In the South, pecans are powerful deer attractants.

Once the rut begins, bucks become more concerned with sex instead of food. However, does are still actively feeding. Hunt the doe feeding areas and you should find bucks looking for love.

Larry Whiteley is host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio

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