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Stop Fishing
Stacey King
Halt your retrieve when fish follow but refuse to strike.
Stacey King

Fish follow the lure all the way back to the boat but refuse to strike. What do you do? Some people recommend speeding up your retrieve to elicit a take from a trailing fish. Others say slow down your retrieve. Still others say to make a figure eight with your rod tip at the side of the boat to draw a strike.

These all work at times, but I'm suggesting you just stop your retrieve entirely. Many species of fish will strike the dropping lure with a vengeance. In murky water, watch for the slightest twitch in the line. In clear water, let the lure drop until you see it hit bottom -- if a fish doesn't suck it in before that. Some fish will even pick it up off the bottom.

This works with all types of baits, but it's deadly with jigs, plastic worms, and spinnerbaits.

Stacey King is a 12-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

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