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RedHead Carbon MAX2 Arrows
written by Tracy Breen

The new MAX2 has more beneficial features than the average arrow, which makes them a great buy for bowhunters looking for a super strong arrow that will pass through many big game animals without bending or breaking.
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Carbon MAX2 Arrows Fletching

The MAX2 can be purchased with a variety of different vanes. I chose the 4 inch Duravanes because they have great memory. Even when they get bent in a bow case, they ounce right back.

I've shot many different kinds of arrows: carbon arrows, aluminum arrows and aluminum-carbon arrows. Almost every type of arrow has strengths and weaknesses. Some were too stiff and didn't have any flex. Others were very accurate and super expensive. Since I test a lot of products, I get to see which products hold up and which ones don't. You often get what you pay for, which is the case with arrows. Typically arrows that cost more last longer because they are a little tougher and more accurate because the tolerances are tighter, which results in a straighter arrow.

The RedHead Carbon MAX2 arrows are perfect for those looking for a great arrow. The MAX2 is far from the most expensive arrow and far from the cheapest. They cost more than some arrows, but are worth the extra expense.


When I first test an arrow, I typically go to 50 yards or more to shoot. Most hunters who hunt east of the Mississippi River rarely take a 50 yard shot at a whitetail, but when you shoot an arrow at great distances, any flaws that the arrow has will quickly show up. If an arrow is good at 50 yards, it will consistently hit where I am aiming. The MAX2 performed great at long distances. At 50 yards, keeping the MAX2 arrows inside an area the size of a paper plate isn't difficult. With inexpensive arrows, it can be.

The MAX2 performs well at great distances largely due to the manufacturing process. The MAX2 is designed in a way that the carbon layers are weaved together to form a super outer layer on the carbon shaft that doesn't oscillate in flight as much as a traditional carbon arrow. Oscillation means the arrow is wobbling through the air after being launched from the bow. All arrows do this; some just do it more than others. The MAX2 arrow doesn't oscillate nearly as much as many of the less expensive arrows do.

RedHead Carbon MAX2 Arrows

The MAX2 hit the mark on almost every shot.


The MAX2 is extremely accurate thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with FOC Technology, which stands for Front of Center. The front two-thirds of the arrow is heavier, thanks to a heavier BuffTuff weave and Realtree camouflage coating. The front of the arrow isn't heavier by much; just enough to cause the arrow to fly truer, largely because the extra weight reduces oscillation in flight, which creates more accuracy.


For the average bowhunter, this means that the arrow is more forgiving, especially at longer distances. If you only shoot at twenty yards, you probably won't notice much of a difference. If you start stepping back from the target, you may notice tighter groups than you did with your other arrows. Because of the carbon weave process, the outer shell of the arrow is extremely tough, hence the name BuffTuff weave. These arrows can be bounced off rocks and each other without much trouble, so if you don't always hit the spot you're aiming at on the target and end up bumping another arrow, both arrows will probably be fine.


One of the best features on the MAX2 is the Press Fit Nock. One of the best benefits is that they don't have to be glued in. Some arrows require you to glue in the nocks; other don't. The Press Fit Nocks simply have to be pushed in and then you are good to go. After they are in place, you can twist them around so your cock feather can actually go in any direction you want. Being able to adjust the nock in a second or two can make you a more accurate shooter. There have been times when I shot an arrow and noticed that it didn't fly how I thought it would. By adjusting the nock a bit, the arrow flew perfectly shot after shot. If you have never adjusted your nock, try it. You will realize that every adjustment you make to a nock makes the arrow fly a little differently.


The weight tolerance on the MAX2 is a very impressive + or -1 grain. This means that the arrows will all weigh about the same. Before I head to the woods to hunt, I typically weigh each arrow to make sure that all of the arrows in my quiver are within a few grains of each other. Sometimes broadheads weigh a few grains too much or a few grains under what they should, so I am constantly switching things around until I end up with five arrows that weigh about the same. Starting out with arrows like the MAX2 that weigh about the same to start with makes the job of matching arrows up with broadheads much easier. At long ranges, having extremely accurate arrows is a must and the consistent weight of the MAX2 arrows makes for a better overall arrow.

The MAX2 is also extremely straight. With a Straightness of ±.0025 you can be positive that all 12 arrows in a box will hit the mark time and time again.


Many archers think all carbon arrows are tougher than aluminum arrows, and that belief is accurate. Carbon arrows don't bend or dent like aluminum, but some carbon arrows shatter or crack easier than others. When you spend a few extra dollars and purchase a high quality arrow like the MAX2, you are getting arrows that will last. I typically use half a dozen of the arrows and save the other half dozen for the next year. Today's high quality carbon arrows can last for several years if you take care of them. When you break it down, a dozen MAX2 arrows don't cost as much as you think when you consider how long they last.

As you peruse the aisle at your local Bass Pro Shop looking for new arrows, realize that all arrows have unique features that make them fly a certain way. The new MAX2 has more beneficial features than the average arrow, which makes them a great buy for bowhunters looking for a super strong arrow that will pass through many big game animals without bending or breaking.

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