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RedHead Blackout Fixed-Blade Broadheads
written by Tracy Breen

Sleek, technically advanced replaceable-blade broadhead representing the ultimate in durability and sharpness.
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Blackout Broadhead
Broadheads are an item that everyone has an opinion about. Some hunters believe you need a large cutting diameter to effectively harvest game animals. Others say that expandable broadheads work best. There are some who believe they don't work at all. I have tested a variety of broadheads and can testify that there are extremes in broadheads. I believe some broadheads have too large of a cutting diameter and tend to fly erratically out of today's high speed bows. Other broadheads have a narrow cutting diameter and don't cut a large enough hole in the animal to bring it down. I prefer a broadhead that is somewhere in the middle -- not too big or small. The new Blackout replaceable-blade broadhead from RedHead fits the bill.

I like the Blackout because it is compact. Most diehard bowhunters are shooting broadheads that are compact because they are so easy to tune. When using large broadheads, it is not very uncommon to have to readjust your sight slightly when switching from field tips to broadheads. With a small compact head like the Blackout, simply unscrew your field tips and screw in the broadhead. Within a couple shots and a little tweaking, the Blackout broadheads fly great.

Blackout Broadhead
They fly great at long distances because of their size. Most whitetail hunters take shots that are 30-yards or less, and almost every broadhead flies well at 30 yards. Out west, 40-yard shots and beyond are very common. Small broadheads like the Blackout are what many western hunters prefer on game animals including elk, mule deer and antelope. At long ranges, compact broadheads fly better than large broadheads, especially out of bows that exceed 300 fps. Keeping a group of arrows inside an area the size of a pie plate at 30 or 40 yards shouldn't be a problem for most bowhunters who use the Blackout.

One of the nicest features is the cut-on-contact tip. Over the years, there has been a lot of debate about whether cut-on-contact broadheads are better than chisel-point broadheads when it comes to penetration. Some testing shows that cut-on-contact broadheads outperform, while other tests reveal little difference. I prefer the cut-on-contact tip because the broadhead cuts the moment it touches the animal. The Blackout broadhead is all blade from tip to stern. The cut-on-contact tip can be resharpened. After you take an animal with a Blackout, you can replace the blades and sharpen the tip and you'll be ready to go again.

Blackout Broadhead
The cut-on-contact tip has a unique blade-locking mechanism. The blades slip in under the tip to form one continuous blade. Once the broadhead is secured onto the arrow, the blades are locked into the ferrule and won't budge thanks to the way they fit under the tip of the broadhead.

Many of today's top broadhead manufacturers use German-made blades because they are known to be extra tough and super sharp. The Blackout comes with replaceable German-made blades that are razor sharp and tough, thanks to the fact that they are .30-inches thick. After the blades are locked into place, the broadhead has a 1-1/16-inch cutting diameter, which is large enough to bring down even the largest big game animal.

Like most things bowhunters buy, it is sometimes the little features that cause us to lean one way or the other. This is the case with the Blackout. It has a 100% stainless steel ferrule, which makes the broadhead very tough. Another added bonus is the MonoFlow technology, which makes the broadhead aerodynamic and gives it its ability to fly like a dart second-to-none. One of the best features of the Blackout is its amazing price. Blackout broadheads are about $25 per pack, less expensive than most similar broadheads on the market.

I knew by the looks and compact size of the Blackout that it would work great for the type of hunting I do, but I was curious to see what other hunters thought about it. I checked out the comment page on basspro.com and learned that bowhunters everywhere have great things to say about the Blackout broadhead. It looks like bowhunters are testing them on everything, not just whitetails. Some hunters are even harvesting hogs with them. Hogs are one of the toughest critters in the woods, which shows the extreme toughness of the Blackout.

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