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Kevin VanDam's 'Advanced Spinner Bait Tactics' Video - DVD
written by Clint Craft

Expert tips on spinnerbait fishing from the run-and-gun master Kevin VanDam.
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Advanced Spinnerbait Tactics with Kevin VanDam DVDEvery angler I know has a "go-to" bait. You know -- that particular lure type that you use with absolute confidence simply because it's repeatedly produced in the past. We all have one. We all love to use it whenever we can. Sometimes we even use it when the conditions are far from perfect for that presentation.

On the other hand, most anglers I know also have a particular lure that they would like to fish with, but, for whatever reason, they're apprehensive about tying it on. Mine is the spinnerbait. And while I know spinnerbaits are one the most fish-catching lures ever created, I've failed to effectively add them to my repertoire over the years. Sure, I tie one on every few outings, but I've never had the confidence to keep it on long enough to catch fish.

That's why I decided to check out Kevin VanDam's 'Advanced Spinner Bait Tactics' DVD. Anyone who pays attention to the world of competitive bass fishing knows the spinnerbait is VanDam's #1 confidence bait and a key component to his power fishing system -- a tactic that's helped him clinch two Bassmaster Classic Champion titles, as well as earn him four Angler of the Year titles. Who else could possibly be more qualified to teach spinnerbait techniques?

Throughout the video, VanDam discusses how to use environmental conditions such as water clarity, natural forage and sky conditions to narrow spinnerbait selection. VanDam also explains how you select the ideal blade size and type (willow, Indiana, Colorado) and head weight by first determining water depth, retrieval speed and type of cover being fished.

I spend 90% of my time fishing deep, clear-water reservoirs, and VanDam specifically describes clear-water spinnerbait techniques in this video. But no matter what type of water you fish, you'll find the information in this DVD useful. Throughout this 70 minute DVD VanDam fishes 10 different locations, offering tips and techniques for all types of water. VanDam does an excellent job comparing and contrasting clear-water techniques with stained-water techniques (as well as other important variables), making this a valuable resource for anglers fishing all water types.  

Finally, I like the DVD format. The DVD is broken into chapters with descriptive titles. This allows me to skip around the topics quickly, reviewing sections that I want to hear more than once or watch a short segment as personal time allows.

in all, I've found Kevin VanDam's 'Advanced Spinner Bait Tactics' DVD to be a very informative, valuable resource. I can't wait to get on the water this spring where I can put my newfound knowledge to good use!

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Kevin VanDam's 'Advanced Spinnerbait Tactics' Video - DVD
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