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Bass Pro Shops Reel Tote
written by Clint Craft

The Reel Tote is an inexpensive way to protect and transport your most prized reels.
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Fishing Reel Tote If you're a traveling angler, gear that's designed for travel is great to have, and these days there's plenty of it available. Everything from 4-piece casting rods to reel totes and rod tubes are made to appeal to today's mobile angler. Bass Pro Shops offers plenty of protective travel gear to satisfy the on-the-move fisherman, and the Reel Tote is just one of those inexpensive ways to protect and prolong the life of your reels.

The Bass Pro Shops Reel Tote holds 8 to 10 freshwater spinning or casting reels. Adjustable hook 'n' loop dividers on the interior let you make adjustments for different size reels, allowing you to customize the size of each reel slot to make the most of your tote space.

This tote also works well as a fly reel tote, which is actually how I use mine. The reel tote makes organization, storage and transport of reels, spare spools, fly boxes, leaders and extra tippet very easy. I always know exactly where everything is before I head out, and I always have the right setup on hand when I reach my destination should the wind or water conditions turn out different than expected.

The rugged outer shell of the Reel Tote is made of water resistant Cordura. The ultra-soft inner lining protects your reels against the bumps and scrapes of travel. Adjustable hook 'n' loop dividers allow for customization of the interior to fit all your favorite reels. The 14" x 4-1/2' x 10' tote is very packable -- small enough to toss into your duffle bag without taking up too much space, yet big enough to carry multiple reels and other essential gear.

If you're looking into reel transportation and storage options, give the Bass Pro Shops Reel Tote a try. When it comes to protecting your most prized reels, the Reel Tote is a very inexpensive solution. 

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Bass Pro Shops® Reel Tote
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