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Solar Bat Liberty Polarized Sunglasses
written by Clint Craft

The innovative Mossback Gradient lens is like having two different sets of polarized lenses with different tints in a single frame.
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Solar Bat Liberty Sunglasses

Liberty frame style with Solar Bat's innovative Mossback Gradient lenses

It seems almost cliche these days to hear someone on a fishing TV show say, "The most important piece of fishing equipment you own is your polarized sunglasses." That's not to say they're incorrect, though. Do I believe this frequently tossed around truism? You bet your outboard I do.

Polarized sunglasses perform two very important functions for anglers. First, they eliminate the glare reflected off the water's surface, reducing the visual discomfort and eye fatigue that results from viewing highly concentrated light. Cutting the glare also allows anglers to see through the water, helping them spot following fish or locate sub-surface logs, vegetation, depth changes and drop offs.

The second benefit is protection. Polarized lenses with UV filters act as sunscreen for the eyes, protecting against harmful UV rays that can actually burn and damage your eyes. (Yes, your eyes, like your skin, sunburn.) Like all sunglasses, they also protect against airborne projectiles, like your fishing partner's hook as it flies through the air after a missed hook-set.

I've been using the "Liberty" sunglasses, which feature Solar Bat's Noctular PNV polarized lenses. Theses are Solar Bat's cream-of-the-crop lenses, featuring maximum polarization, the ultimate in impact resistance, and scratch-resistance coatings applied twice to both the front and back of the lens.

But what really makes these sunglasses stand out from the myriad of polarized glasses on the market today is the innovative Mossback Gradient lens tint. This tint is like having two different sets of polarized lenses with different tints in one frame. Instead of switching glasses or swapping out lenses, though, wearers of the Mossback Gradient lenses merely tilt their head slightly to reap the benefits of each tint.

Solar Bat Liberty Sunglasses

The stylish "Liberty" frame style fits small to medium faces

"How has Solar Bat pulled off this amazing achievement," you ask? Answer: They've combined two polarized tints into a single lens. Mossback Gradient lenses are Mossback for the top 55% of the lens and HiConY for the bottom 45%. (Mossback and HiConY tints are available only in Solar Bat sunglasses.) Mossback gradient lens wearers can look through the top portion of the lens and have all the advantages of the Mossback tint, which includes emphasized green shades, bleached out brown shades, and protection from harmful sun rays. The wearer can then use the bottom portion of the lens to reap the benefits of the HiConY tint, which includes a brightening effect in lower light levels.

In addition to the Mossback Gradient lens, Solar Bat makes the Liberty with three other polarized lens tints -- Amber, Grey and Mossback -- each of which has its own unique performance application.

Those of you that require prescription lenses will be glad to know that Solar Bat makes polarized prescription lenses in each of these tints as well.

I chose the Liberty frame because the Solar Bat Website said this frame style fit small to medium faces. However, Solar Bat makes many frame styles with the Mossback Gradient lens, as well as many other tints. But if you desire a high-quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses, I'd recommend giving the new Mossback Gradient lens a try.

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Solar Bat® Polarized Prescription Sunglasses - Liberty
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