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Reese Receiver Accessories
written by Michael Burch

Is your truck ready to pull your boat this upcoming season? You better check your receiver to make sure.
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Before you know it, it's going to be time to start packing up the boat and heading out for the first fishing trip of spring.

But, you need to make sure your truck is prepared to handle another full year of pulling your Tracker boat (we hope) back and forth from the lake to your house. 

The first step is to ensure that your receiver is still in working order and firmly attached to the frame of your truck.  Unfortunately, old receivers are attacked by rust around the bolt attachment and this allows for a weakened receiver.  The best way to check is to get on your back and take a gander at your vehicle's undercarriage.  Inspect all the bolts attached to your receiver and make sure rust hasn't taken over around them or at crucial weld lines.  While you're down there, you might as well make sure that your wiring is still in good condition without any stripped wires.

If you decide you need a new receiver, or got under your truck and realized that you never had a receiver  then you need to check out the Reese Multi-Fit Receiver.  The Receiver fits a variety of vehicles including:
  • Chevy/GMC - 1987-1998 - All full size pick-ups (except 1988-1998 4-door or models with passenger side dual exhaust)
  • Chevy/GMC - 1999-2000 - Silverado/Sierra
  • Dodge - 1971-2000 - All full size pick-ups (except 1998 Quad Cab)
  • Ford - 1973-1996 - All full size pick-ups
  • Ford - 1997-2000 - F-150/F-250
  • Ford - 1997-2000 - HD/SD F-250 & F-350 (with 37" frame)

The Receiver is built sturdy and features a 5,000 lb. rating, a 13-3/4" total height adjustment capacity and a 13-1/2" total length. It also has a 6-1/4" rise and a 7-1/2" drop.  This is more than suitable for handling the new Nitro that you really ought to purchase. 

If your receiver is fine, you need to make sure your ball mount is in good condition, and that it fits your vehicle.   The wrong ball mount will cause your boat to not ride level, and if it's not level, the hitch isn't going to work as properly as it's intended to. 

To take care of that, Reese has a variety of different ball mounts to fit your vehicle.  They come in different load ranges, and in black or chrome. 

Another very important piece of equipment necessary for safely transporting your boat are the safety chains attached to the trailer.  Once again, the bolts need to be inspected for wear, and the links need to be checked for wear.

If you happened to have too low of a ball mount, it probably caused your chains to drag the ground and wear them significantly.  You may think that just a little scraping on chains isn't enough to affect their strength, but it takes a lot of friction and a lot of heat to wear down hardened steel.  That heat can actually weaken the steel and change it into softer steel.

No matter how good your insurance policy is, I'm willing to bet you'd probably rather spend about $13 on new chains, than watch your boat and trailer ride solo through a corn field. 

The Reese Safety Chain with S hooks is a dependable 72-inch chain that will keep your boat attached in the event of hitch failure.  It's always better to be safe than sorry -- especially when you've got that new Nitro to take care of.

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