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RedHead Bone-Dry Rubber Boot-Foot Chest Waders
written by JT Uptegrove

Great, inexpensive waders -- that means more duck hunting gear money.
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The ducks were coming in droves.  It was a perfect late December hunt.  The water was partially frozen over, and the bitter cold air temperatures were trying hard to solidify the rest.  It was the kind of weather that makes waterfowlers drool and good hunting dogs shiver with chills and excitement.

It's also the least desirable moment for your waders to spring a leak.  But, It happened to me.  With several hunters downing multiple ducks in one quick flurry of action, I thought I'd lend the dog a hand and walk out to retrieve a duck that fell a short distance from me.   With a big step, I tried to clear an underwater log.  That's when it happened.  First there was a trickle of painful icy water, then more of a gush.

When it was all said and done my right leg was a reservoir of water near the freezing mark.  Not a fun situation to be in when the mallards are flying.  I managed to tough it out long enough to finish a limit, then it was off to Bass Pro Shops to find a new set of waders.

The expense of a waterfowl season had taken its toll on my wallet and spending lots of money wasn't an option.  But, to my surprise I found a great set of waders at a price to reasonable to pass up -- the RedHead Bone-Dry Men's Rubber Boot-Foot Chest Waders.  They were exactly what you'd want in a rugged set of hunting waders.  They're a quality utility-grade set of waders.  Each is vulcanized and individually tank tested for 100% waterproof performance.  And I knew with the Bone-Dry labels that they'd hold up to whatever I could put them through.

The boots have tempered steel shanks for a great fit, plus deeply cleated outsoles for superior traction, reinforced toe caps and a heavy cotton lining with soft sponge insoles.  They also have belt straps and are heavily cushioned at the knees for extra comfort.

The RedHead Bone-Dry Rubber Chest Waders saved the day.  For only a little money, I was able to outfit myself with a great pair of waders and stay dry for the rest of the season.  Their brown color didn't stand out and they helped me get my last few limits of mallards.

They're incredible price makes them almost too good to pass up.  If you already have a set of waders, these would make a great set of back-ups or if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a new set of waders, the RedHeads will do everything you need. 

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RedHead® Bone-Dry® Boot-Foot Chest Waders for Men or Youth
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