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Luminox Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch
written by Michael Burch

If it works for the Navy SEALS, surely it's going to be a great watch.
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There are watches and then three are real watches.  The difference is, the first will tell time, but the second will tell time for the rest of your life.

A relatively new company, Luminox, hit the market big when they came out with their original Navy SEAL dive watch, which they were contracted out by the Department of Defense to create.  When their watches went for sale to the public, their sales skyrocketed.  Now, they have quite a few different styles -- but you still can't go wrong with the Navy SEAL Dive Watch.

This watch is technically the Series II Navy SEAL Dive Watch, which came out shortly after the Series I.  The only difference is a few minor adjustments, such as the watchband. 

In case you really needed to know, the wristwatch meets military specifications of all branches of the US Armed Forces.  That means it's one incredibly tough watch.

To resist corrosion and make for an extremely rigid frame, the watch comes with a fiberglass reinforced polyester injection molded case.  To reinforce the strength of the case, the watch has a stainless steel plate case back secured with stainless steel screws.

If you sometimes forget to take your watch off when you take a shower, you'll be just fine with the Navy SEAL Dive Watch.  No matter how hot you run the water, you will not steam up the inside of the sapphire glass window and tempered scratch resistant mineral glass crystal. The watch is water resistant to 20 atm (atmospheres, remember physics?).  Basically, this means it's good down to 660 feet.

To keep it ticking, the watch comes with a multi-jewel Swiss quartz movement with date function, end of life (EOL) feature and a 4-year battery life. Another great feature is its unidirectional ratcheting bezel featuring bright traser "dots" encased in the aluminum housing.

Luminox watches undergo additional manufacturing steps that no other watch in the world requires. The Luminox's self-powered illumination system must be installed in each and every watch. It's a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but it is what makes Luminox watches special and different from all other watches in the world.  Each watch employs tiny self-powered micro gas lights developed by the world leader in the luminous compound industry.  These micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) are installed into the hands, hour markers, and when necessary, bezels of the watches. Luminox watches need no external light source to "charge" the paint on the dial or hands in order to glow as do conventional luminous watches.  Nor do they require a push of a button to light the dial, as do watches with electro luminescence.

If you want to replace an old watch, or get one that will last you a lifetime, check out the Luminox Original Navy SEAL Watch. 

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