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Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Fishing Boat
written by Michael Burch

The Sevylor is the best all-around boat you can buy.
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 The Fish Hunter (shown with optional camo boot), is the perfect vessel for river fishing or to fit a couple of duck hunters.

Fishing, hunting or just relaxing on a lazy river.  There are many applications for the Seyvlor  12-foot Fish Hunter and these are just a few of them.

The Fish Hunter is a favorite of many anglers and hunters for a few very important reasons -- portability, durability and comfort, all of which shouldn't be overlooked if your seeking a handy boat to go where you want.


First, lets talk about portability -- the boat is inflatable, so it's as portable as you can get.  The boat has five air chambers, so in the event of a puncture, the boat will still have plenty of air to get you where you need to go.  And the boat only weighs about 43 pounds, so you can pack it to the most secluded honey holes.   


Durable is an understatement for the Fish Hunter.  The boat is constructed of 3.6 millimeters of heavy-duty PVC.  The boat resists more pokes and stabs from nature than you could ever imagine.


For comfort, the 12-foot Fish Hunter has plenty to offer with 2 inflatable seats, 1 battery pouch, 1 gear pouch, 2 trolling rod holders, 2 oar holders, 4 oval oarlocks, 1 bow handle, 1 stern handle, fittings to accept 12-volt electric motor, and motor mount model MM3, MMPR, 4 drain plugs, 2 Boston valves, 8 chafing pads...  well you get the idea.  It comes with a lot of stuff and you can buy a lot of extra stuff for it -- that makes it a better product.


If you're a waterfowler, the Fish Hunter is a great boat to get you out this upcoming season.  The boat is olive green colored, but the PVC can easily take a few marsh grass stencils, or you can purchase a special camo boat boot the makes the boat even more sturdy and gives added protection from punctures. 


As for its namesake the boat is quite the fishing-mobile.  It can easily seat two people and a small stash of gear for the evening on the lake or small water of your choice.  The boat makes one of the best small craft to reach small water I've ever come across.  It's more stable than a canoe and definitely more packable.  It paddles easily and makes fishing a leisure activity.


The Seyvlor is designed with an outdoorsy person in mind.  It fits the bill for an all-around utility boat.  It carries just enough stuff and people to have a good time on the water, and you can't beat it for jaunts to your favorite duck marsh.  If you've always wanted a extra-handy little boat for just about anything, then the Fish Hunter is right for you. 

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