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SealSkinz Waterproof Socks
written by Michael Burch

Hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, camping and biking. If you do any of these -- you might want to check out the SealSkinz Socks.
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 The 100-percent waterproof socks can save you money on expensive waterproof boots or just give you extra water protection on cold, wet hunting excursions. 

When you were growing up you probably never thought you'd own a pair of socks more technologically advanced than your car -- I know I didn't.


The change came when I purchased a pair of SealSkinz Waterproof Socks last year.  When they first hit the market a few years back, I was skeptical and figured I had no need to put a pair of glorified bread bags over my feet when I went outdoors.  But, I kept hearing about the socks and how great they were, so I finally decided to give the SealSkinz socks a second look. 


I found that the SealSkinz socks are well built and far from a glorified bread bag, or even a regular sock.  I found them to be extremely versatile and applicable to many of my outdoor excursions, including hiking, boating, duck hunting and much more.  Actually, after getting a pair of the socks, I was pretty displeased with myself for not opening my eyes and grabbing a pair when they first came out. 

The SealSkinz socks are 100-percent waterproof, allowing you to save money on waterproof hiking boots and give extra security and warmth on wet-weather hunting trips.  The socks aren't just waterproof though, they're also breathable, thermal and extremely comfortable. 

To ensure that your feet stay dry when you wear them, SealSkinz uses a laminate process to waterproof their socks.  A laminate process is a more durable method, which uses a waterproof breathable film or "membrane" inside the socks.  It lies between the inner and outer textile fabrics.  The film is both waterproof and breathable, and will never wash away like some waterproof coatings will.

The membrane that SealSkinz uses is called a hydrophilic film.  Hydrophilic films are totally solid, without pores.  It is therefore physically impossible for droplets of liquid water to pass through.  The film is breathable because water-vapor molecules are transmitted from molecule to molecule through the film and expelled on the other side.  This is caused by the differences in humidity and temperature between the atmospheres on each side of the film.  So when you're hiking and your feet get warm, it causes the sweat and water vapor to be transmitted to the outside of the sock.  


The SealSkinz socks are also extremely comfortable to wear.  Even though they have a special film sandwiched between it's layers, it still maintains excellent elasticity.   They keep their elasticity because the breathable film is corrugated, so as the fabric is stretched, the film itself doesn't stretch, it merely unfolds.  Since the socks are very elastic, they fit closely around the foot and ankle.  For hikers, this means less blistering and rubbing.


If you're looking for a comfortable solution to waterproof boots, or just want the added security or comfort of a good outdoor sock, then check out the SealSkinz Socks.  Don't be like me and wait -- pick them up now, so you won't be sorry tomorrow. 

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SealSkinz® Waterproof Socks
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