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Boat Buddy Trailer Accessory
written by Michael Burch

Trailering a boat by yourself is no fun. That's why I got the Boat Buddy.
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Boat Buddy Trailer Accessory

The Boat Buddy makes trailering your boat much easier.

Hitting the lake by yourself to do some fishing is a relaxing way to spend a day, except when it comes time to launch or load your boat, which can get downright frustrating. This entails backing your boat to the water, unhooking your boat, backing your boat some more, starting your boat, driving it to a dock, walking back to your truck, parking it and walking back to the dock. And all this time, about six trucks are waiting in line to launch their boats. Launching solo is a little time consuming and can even get a little irritating, especially to those people waiting in line behind you. Anything that makes this sequence of events faster and easier is a big step toward making solo trips more enjoyable, and that's why I got the Boat Buddy. 

The Boat Buddy is a very useful trailer accessory that uses a spring-loaded pin to secure your boat when loading it onto your trailer. With the Boat Buddy you no longer have to hook the strap to the bow-eye and crank away. All you have to do is drive your boat onto your trailer, and the Boat Buddy automatically secures your watercraft, saving you time and trips back and forth across your boat. 


The heavy steel mechanism will give years of service.

The Boat Buddy replaces the front roller bar, or v-block, of your trailer and doesn't take much work to install. The Boat Buddy is built out of high-density plastic for years of use, and the pin is constructed of stainless steel for a secure lock.

Built to fit most trailers, the Boat Buddy is an excellent accessory for anyone that enjoys time on the water, not time on the boat ramp. With the Boat Buddy, I was able to cut down my ramp time and my frustration levels.  

If you spend a lot of time on the lake, or just want a more convenient way of launching and loading your boat, then give the Boat Buddy a chance. 

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Boat Buddy® Trailer Accessory
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