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Eureka Timberline Original A-Frame Tent
written by JT Uptegrove

The Eureka Original A-Frame design has been around for a long time -- and for good reason.
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 The versatile Timberline A-Frame has a freestanding design to handle inclement weather.

I've been through a lot of tents in my days of camping -- both cheap and expensive ones.  Some of the best ones have been made by Eureka.  Their tents are well designed and have stood the test of time, lasting through many seasons of my cross-country camping style.

Last winter while camping on the Buffalo River in Arkansas, I decided it was time to pick up another two-man tent.  I wanted something reliable, sturdy, freestanding and easy to pack and setup.

That didn't leave a lot of options on a $100 budget.  Not to worry, though, there is a Eureka tent out there that fits the bill perfectly.  It's their ever-popular Original A-Frame tent; a design that's been around for as long as I can remember.

It's a favorite of campers across the nation for good reasons.  The Eureka A-Frame provides tent campers with shelter and protection from all but the worst of inclimate weather.

It has good structural integrity, which is based on a shock-corded aluminum-pole design.  The aluminum provides a stiffer and lighter frame than fiberglass poles.  The poles clip to the tent body for quick setup, and the A-Frame shape helps the tent shed water to keep its occupants dry.

Setting the whole thing up takes mere minutes with its special Quick Clips and can be done easily by a single person.  The design is freestanding, which makes the whole process simple and quick.  That's also a great bonus when you toss camp on a rocky outcropping where hammering in tent stakes isn't feasible.

The rain fly is just as tough.  It covers the tent in such a fashion that even during hot, wet weather, you can still leave the windows open to catch a breeze.  The windows themselves are constructed of no-see-um mesh and zip up tight when the weather demands it.

Inside of the tent there are plenty of amenities designed for the camper.  It has four clothesline loops and a flashlight loop for hands-off illumination.  Also included are two handy mesh storage pouches for keeping needed items organized.  The floor is constructed of the same material as the fly -- a tough 1.9-ounce nylon taffeta.

It's a big package for under a $100.  The floor measures over 7 foot by 5 foot.  Inside height is 3 ½ feet tall.  It packs into a neat bundle of 6 inches by 24 inches and stays under 6 pounds to help keep your pack light.

The Original A-Frame tent is one of the best deals for a two-man tent.  It's big enough that it really handles two people in comfort with a little extra room for gear.  It's tough and sturdy, and you just can't beat the price for something that works as well as it does.  If you're in the market for a tent, the A-Frame may just be the ticket.

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