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Knight & Hale 4-in-1 Squirrel Call
written by JT Uptegrove

For some of you -- it's squirrel season again. So check out this call, and get yourself some tasty squirrel for dinner!
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If you're not finding the squirrels this spring, try giving the 4-in-1 Squirrel Call a chance. 

With the previous year's hunting season being nothing but a memory, and the recent ending of turkey season, many hunters fall into a lull.  The late spring and early summer are good for fishing, hiking and camping, but hunting outdoorsmen often overlook the roots of their sport.  Many states have outfitted hunters with the chance to be afield during the greener season.  The opportunity is for squirrel hunting.

The numbers of states that offer spring squirrel seasons are plenty, so check your local regulations -- you never know, you might be in the midst of a hunting season.  And for those of you who long for something to do outdoors, what could be better?  Spring squirrel seasons have the best potential for a good meal and a great dose of fun.  It's the time of year that younger squirrels make their appearance.  As any veteran squirrel-hunter will tell you, those little ones are the best tasting.


Beyond good eating, lies even better hunting.  The early summer offers squirrel hunters a unique and enjoyable way to catch up to these scurrying critters -- calling for them.  Calling for squirrels is one of my favorite techniques, and if you've never tried it, you're missing out.


Knight & Hale, old hands in the woods, have perfected the system of calling squirrels. With their Knight & Hale 4-in-1 Squirrel Call, you can expect a lot of action from your nearest hunting grounds.


Squirrels respond to calling in a variety of ways, but the most common is to bark and give away their lofty location.  This sets the hunt in motion, allowing you to stalk your prey and fill your game bag.


The 4-in-1 squirrel call creates four distinct calls; the bark of gray and fox squirrels, gray squirrel alarm/chatter call and young squirrel distress call.  It's a hand-operated bellows-style call that is simple and effortless to use.  As an added bonus, the call comes with an instructional cassette.


The cassette covers the basics of squirrel calling and how to apply the 4-in-1 call in different situations.  In no time you'll be on your way to a more enjoyable squirrel hunt.


Calling is one of my favorite ways to pursue these critters.  Those days when there doesn't seem to be a squirrel in the woods are when the calls really do their duty.  Just sound out the appropriate sounds and you'll have squirrels giving away their location all around you -- then the hunting starts to get good. 

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Knight & Hale? 4-in-1 Squirrel Call
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