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Pedestal Base Tying Station
written by JT Uptegrove

Having problems organizing your fly-tying material?
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 The Pedestal Base Tying Station has a place for each of your fly-tying materials.

Fly tying is somewhat of an art form.  I'm not good at it, and every piece of gear that can make me better perks my interest.  I've invested in good vises, materials and tools.  But when in comes time to tie, I still sit down at the kitchen table and make a mess of feathers, thread and clippings.

After a few evenings of tying, the table can look more like a sack of feathers and string was dumped on it, then a place where flies are tied.  Everything is piled up in a semi-circle around the vise and stuff gets buried under more stuff.


Eventually all this clutter becomes a problem.  Just when it's time to add the finishing material, I can't find it.  All that disorganization throws a kink in the works, which makes my already daunting task of tying flies that much harder.


When I finally got tired of the mess and hassle, I went searching for a fix, and I found it at Bass Pro Shops.  In the White River Fly Shop I stumbled onto a great tool that I should've bought years ago -- the Pedestal Base Tying Station.


This elegantly crafted wood base station is just what every fly tier needs.  It's got all the needed space and storage to hold your frequently used tools and materials.  That means no more searching.


The wooden station measures 12 inches by 7 inches and is 2 inches tall.  It sounds small, but it holds your needed equipment neatly and in an organized manner.


On the side there is a vise holder that accepts all standard vises.  Along the back there are plenty of holes to hold your common tools.  It arranges everything as opposed to stacks of material lying around.


It's a beneficial tool for any fly-tier.  If you suffer from the disorganization that I do, then you could really appreciate how much easier it makes tying flies.  Add the Pedestal Base Tying Station to your fly tying kit and watch how much simpler the process gets. 

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