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Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler
written by Michael Burch

Its big, nearly indestructable, and is made of steel. What more could you ask for?
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With a complete redesign, the new Steel-Belted Cooler is even tougher than its predecessors. 

In 1954 Coleman introduced their first steel cooler.  For 40 years, countless amounts of campers have relied on the cool-keeping abilities of the durable Coleman Steel Cooler.  But in 1994, Coleman stopped making their line of steel coolers.  After that it became nearly impossible to find someone that would sell one, which left a lot of us campers steel cooler-less.  But worry not fellow campers, because the Steel-Belted Cooler is still around, and it's better than ever.  

Years ago, the steel-belted cooler came back and it is now offered in the old, familiar colors.  The redesigned that they brought back is even tougher than its predecessors and keeps food cold longer with its extra insulation.  And with its rust-resistant stainless steel handles and hinges the cooler is able to handle as much abuse as you can give it.  

When they first came out with the new steel coolers, I took one out for a jaunt on the Niangua River in Mid-Missouri.  This particular river generally has a fairly calm current, but in some parts, it can get a little nasty.  This is where the lockable lid was extremely handy.  Now, I'm not the most coordinated of folks and more often than not, my paddle isn't as quick as my canoe.  In the world of canoeing, this usually means things are about to get wet.  If you've ever dumped your canoe in a river, then you probably understand how much fun it is to watch your cooler deposit its contents into the water.  You then have to frantically swim after all your hotdogs and Twinkies, which get soaked with river water. This really ruins the taste of a good hotdog, and your canoeing trip.  But with its locking lid, the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler stayed closed through the inevitable canoe crash.  Of course I had to chase the cooler down, but catching one big cooler is a whole lot easier than chasing hotdog packages and cans of soda pop.  

If you think that the old steel coolers where the best, then you need to check the improved Coleman 54-quart Steel-Belted Cooler. During the weekend I went canoeing, the temperatures reached into the high 90's and turned us into well-done lobsters, but it didn't seem to have an effect on the cooler.  For three days, I used the Steel Cooler in the blazing heat and after each day, I'd still have cold ham sandwiches and plenty of ice to rub on my sunburn.  Of course, with the winter season upon us, you don't have worry about that as much, but is is nice to know that it has the ability. 

If you want the ultimate cooler, this is the one for you. In the time that I've owned it, the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler has taken plenty of abuse.  I know it cost a little more than a normal cooler, but it's worth every penny -- it's big, nearly indestructible and it may be the last cooler you ever have to buy. 

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Coleman® 54-Quart Stainless Steel Belted® Cooler
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