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    This show isn't just about monster deer. It's about world-record, mind-blowing, gigantic bucks. It's King of Bucks television from the largest collection of original, record antlers on the planet! Learn about the collection, relive famous hunts, and experience great hunting action each week. These are the biggest deer ever taken, and it's exclusive to Bass Pro Shops.

    • On the Outdoor Channel*

    • New episodes begin January 2015

    This is not your average show, but then again, these aren't your average fishermen either. See Kevin VanDam, Stacey King, Edwin Evers, Tim Horton, Ott Defoe, and Brian Snowden. It's in our name ... it's in our blood. The Bass Pros: Who else but Bass Pro Shops could put together this top team of pros in such a powerful bass fishing show?