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The water seemed to boil, the then explode - with a violent thrash, the musky engulfed the huge lure as it was inches away from being pulled out of the water at the boat's edge. The strike was as fierce as I've ever seen, and the fish meant business. After the strike, the musky proceeded to slam against the boat and splash water intensely. The heavy Pete Mania Rod bucked under the fish's powerful thrusts and the reel spun off line for the fierce run. It took a few minutes to subdue the toothy fish and get him boated, but I managed.

Watching a big musky strike is nothing to scoff at. They are fish with what seems to be an evil temper, attacking baits without remorse. They'll flare their gills and open wide a mouth full of sharp teeth. It's an awesome display of power and predatory skill.

Boating muskies takes tackle that is above par. There is no doubt, they are big beasts and good rods and reels make a difference. But fishing for them isn't easy either. The baits are often big and offer up heavy resistance on the retrieve. Heavy rods and reels, like the Pete Mania from Bass Pro Shops is perfectly suited to taking a musky from its murky lair.

Casting isn't the only effective approach to catching these monsters. Trolling is a profitable technique employed by anglers. There is even a calling of brave musky fanatics who chase them down with bass tackle.

Whatever your favorite tactic for catching musky, Bass Pro Shops has a rod and reel combo to fit your fishing style and budget. These set-ups are as tough as nails, and will give even the biggest musky a run for his money. Get the gear, get out there and good luck - the musky are waiting.

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