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350 Grain

15 Pack

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Not only is the new FPB® Bullets from Hornady® clean and convenient, it’s extremely accurate. Engineered and tested to work flawlessly in all 50 caliber muzzleloaders, FPB bullets features Hornady's Flex Tip® technology for a very streamlined and very durable meplat that maximizes exterior ballistics. The flexible elastomer tip compresses into the nose of the bullet upon impact at impact velocities from 800 to 2000+ fps for violent expansion and high transfer of energy to the target for clean kills.  Its copper jacket and specially engineered profile eliminate bullet/sabot fouling and the need for a plastic skirt. 50 caliber. 15 bullets a box.

  • High performance .50 caliber muzzleloader bullets
  • Flex Tip® technology - elastomer tip creates violent expansion and high transfer of energy
  • Copper jacket
  • Durable meplat - maximizes exterior ballistics
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Awesome Round All I can say is I'm very impressed with these Hornady's...I'm shooting the 300 grain seated on 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder and using CCI 209M primers and I shoot 1 inch groups at 100 yards every time out...not sure why people have trouble loading these, I have shot 4 different bullets and these actually load the easiest into my TC Triumph Bone Collector...get these bullets, you won't be disappointed!!! February 10, 2013
.50cal 350grain Bullets loaded easily in my TC Omega. Looking forward to using them on a hog hunt. January 17, 2013
Best MZ Bullet for my Triumph Bone Collector I have tried Powerbelts, T/C's Shockwave, Barnes MZ Expander, and the 250 FPB. The FPB was by far the best bullet I shoved down my barrel, it was easy to load and it hit hard. When sighting in my scope with a target on a Pine tree the size of a telophone pole, the FPB's were blowing right through the other side of the tree! WOW! These bullets were also the most accurate of ALL the bullets I tried, and was even wasier than the Powerbelt, for me anyways. I could load this with one arm, where with the Shockwave and Expanders I had to put all my weight on the ram rod, and got the point where my ram rod was bending and the bullets were still not moving, this was unacceptable and the accuracy I experienced with the Expanders caused me to miss a doe opening morning. I went back to the target after that and fired a few shots, the bullets were all over the place, put the FPB's in and my groups tightened up to about under an inch at 60 yards with 100 grains of Tripple 7 Pellets. Shot my first buck with this bullet in the spine from 20 yards and unlike the powerbelts which I hear explode on impact at close ranges and high velocities, the FPB blew right through the spine and severed everything thing there, and sent chunks of bone into the lungs. He was laying ont the ground dead in front of me once the smoke cleared. To address the problem people have with starting the bullet, I have a bullet aligner for the Barnes SpitFire-MZ and use it for the FPB's and I have never had a problem getting the bullet down the barrel. That could solve the problem people say they have. By far the best bullet, it's all I use now and I went to the store and bought 3 more packs. November 19, 2012
Very difficult to load but deadly I switched from Powerbelt to this bullet because I lost the first elk that I ever shot. The Powerbelt didn't penetrate properly on a straight-on shot into the chest at very close range. I read that this bullet has excellent penetration and performance. I shoot a .50 Traditions LT and this bullet will not load properly. I have to pound it in until the rifling grooves the bullet. Even then it is a chore to properly seat the bullet. Last fall I took a shot on a nice bull at 75 yards. The bullet hit right behind the shoulder. It took out both lungs and ended up lodged in the hide on the other side. The bull was hit so hard that it couldn't run. It stumbled and fell within 10 yards. I will continue to use this bullet because I am impressed with the impact that I witnessed. Due to the loading problem I have to carry Powerbelts since they load so easily for a second shot. March 18, 2012
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2 years, 9 months ago
 - massachusetts
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Just load em like they come. I have used these on everything up to bison, and they get the job done. One shot "dead right there" on the bison. You won't be disappointed. 100 grains of Triple 7 powder is what i use.
2 years, 1 month ago
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The plastic skirt that is mentioned in the literature is referring to the plastic skirt used for PowerBelt bullets. PowerBelt uses them to supposedly get a tighter seal in the barrel. Hornady bullets don't need plastic skirts because they fit very, very tight. So tight that they might not fit in your gun without pounding them in. That's what I have to do with my bullets.
2 years, 9 months ago
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