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With over 20 years of fish battling experience Bionic Blade rods are leading the way in legendary performance.
Designed for tournament fishermen and weekend anglers alike, Bionic Blade rods deliver sensitivity, strength, and time tested dependability.

Bionic Blade Rods - Original Model
Bionic Blade Rods - Micro Guide Model
Bionic Blade Combos
Bionic Plus Baitcast Reel
Eliminate backlashes with Smart Cast Technology

Smart Cast Technology applies braking force outward at the beginning of the cast, then inward at the end of the cast, to control backlashes in two ways. The Smart Cast system is pre-set to the most common setting, but you can adjust it by simply removing the sidecover and moving the braking pins. Fine-tune within each of these settings by simply turning the external cast control to quickly dial in your perfect cast. Properly tuned, Smart Cast senses the amount of braking needed to complete your cast, applies or releases pressure accordingly for precise lure placement on every cast.