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Cliff Pace
2013 winner of the
Bassmaster Classic
When I throw Jackall baits, it gives
me the confidence that those fish that weren't necessarily biting for my competitors will bite for me.
Whether you're a tournament pro or a weekend angler, chances are you've relied on a Jackall jerkbait, crankbait, swimbait, spinnerbait, popper, topwater bait, or soft plastic to land some big bass or other game fish. Jackall combines design ideas of the legendary lure designer and professional angler Seiji Kato with the most modern lure-making technologies available to produce modern fishing lures that have helped pro anglers qualify in numerous Bassmaster Classic® events. Using 3-D computer modeling and precisely engineered equipment, Jackall designs and manufacturers uniform fishing lures that are tested and refined with the help of Japanese and American touring bass pros. Top fishing pros like Jared Lintner and Kota Kiriyama rely on Jackall lures to consistently catch more and bigger bass. Whether you're fishing a tournament or your hometown lake, Jackall can supply the lures you need for strong hookups and winning performances.