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Federal Premium

Premium is just a word to the rest of the world, but at Federal Premium Ammunition, is who we are and what we produce. We use the industry's finest bullets, brass, primers, and propellants; and hold our manufacturing processes to exact tolerances, eliminating any variables that cause inconsistencies, to give you absolutely reliable ammunition that delivers superb accuracy and optimum terminal performance. Our skilled, dedicated craftspeople build the world's best ammunition with commitment to big game hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement personal, upland and waterfowl hunters, and anyone who relies on their ammunition to win. Every round that comes off our line meets rigid specifications for velocity, accuracy and consistency. Rely on Federal Premium Ammunition.


Nosler® Ballistic Tip® Varmint

Long distances, stiff breezes and tough targets are no match for the Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint. The bullet's thin jacket produces violent energy release and minimal penetration, while its boat-tail design and polymer tip produce less bullet drop and wind drift. It's the ultimate centerfire load for predators and varmints.

Centerfire Bullet


3rd Degree™

As turkey loads have been engineered to pattern more tightly and reach farther, some have become less forgiving at close range, leading to missed birds. 3rd Degree uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload and the FLITECONTROL® wad to deliver forgiving, lethal patterns at any range.

Packaging Design of Shotgun Box and Shotgun Shells

Premium Personal Defense®

Hydra-Shok® Low Recoil

The Hydra-Shok bullet's iconic center-post hollow-point design provides the penetration depth and reliable, controlled expansion that make it one of the industry's most popular choices for personal defense. Softer-shooting Low Recoil offerings provide that same trusted performance, yet allow faster follow-up. Combined with Federal Premium's finest brass, primers and propellants, Hydra-Shok loads perform accurately and consistently when lives hang in the balance.

Bullet Exploded View of Bullet Packaging Design of Ammo Box


CCI® Troy Landry Signature Series

You might never need to put down an ornery alligator, but with Troy Landry Signature Series ammunition, you'll know you can. Included in the exclusive line are CCI's proven 22 LR Mini-Mag® and 22 WMR Maxi Mag® — loads that Landry, from the series Swamp People® on HISTORY®, has trusted his livelihood to for decades. Look for both cartridges in eye-popping gator hide packaging, with Landry's face on the box.

Packaging Design of Ammo Box Bullet
Fusion CCI American Eagle Speer Bullets