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Bait Hooks

Crafted for the serious bait fisherman, these Baitholders are made with multiple slices on the hook's shank in order to hold the bait on the hook more effectively. Especially useful when casting and for preventing "stolen" baits.

Treble Hooks

Trebles are most often used for upgrading hooks on lures and large baits. The 3-pointed Treble Hook provides anglers with a higher ratio of hookups with their prey. Eagle Claw Trebles are ideally tempered and brazed for added strength.

Aberdeen Hooks

Extra width between the point and shank makes this hook perfect for baiting with minnows and crickets. Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hooks are tempered to flex before breaking, making them ideal for fishing around submerged structure.

Snelled Hooks

The Snell is pre-tied with superior quality monofilament and an extra-strong loop for durability and functionality. Offered in a variety of sizes and styles for multiple species, the Eagle Claw Snell is the foundation for fishing success.

Jig Mold Hooks

This hook is specially engineered for lead-head jigs and other molded applications. The hook is very effective when going after both fresh and saltwater species that are aggressively feeding on baitfish. Eye angles vary from 90° to 30°.

Ice Fishing

A wide and popular selection of tungsten and lead jigs is complemented by standard Octopus, Treble, and Aberdeen Hooks. Eagle Claw produces an impressive selection of ice-specific jigs in a proven assortment of colors and shapes.

Eagle Claw Hat Pins

Who says you can't dress up your wardrobe with a fishhook? This Hat Pin/Tie Clasp from Eagle Claw® lets others know your passion for fishing! Slide it on the bill of a cap or use as a tie clasp. This hook is made with the same quality that Eagle Claw puts into all their fishhooks! This Fishhook Hat Pin/Tie Clasp makes a clever gift for any fisherman or outdoors enthusiast!

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Eagle Claw

Dave Mercer

Dave Mercer, Host of television’s "Facts of Fishing®" & Bassmaster® Elite Series emcee, spends over 250 days a year fishing for just about anything that swims. His first memories of fishing include those special moments spent fishing with his father and brother. Dave's favorite Eagle Claw hook is the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wacky Worm PB (L097BPG-1).